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    I play Second Life on a regular basis. Actually….I can’t think of a time anymore BESIDES being at school where I haven’t been on Second Life. My mom hates it too because when I start playing, I don’t stop. :D

    Oh for any other Second Lifers out there, look me up some time ^_^ Just run an in-world search for Anya Khaos :P

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    @Rick — Thanks for the reply. You are completely correct, and if there was anything in my original post that made it sound like I was saying “I’m ok, she’s not” I apologize. I have missed out on a lot of things due to this intermittent OCD behavior. I was really trying to point out that this is yet another symptom we need to learn to effectively deal with.

    As for everyone else, thanks for your additions and enhancements. I think this is the worst symptom that plagues me. I don’t mind being easily distracted and what a now deceased friend referred to as the “OOH!!! SHINY!!!” syndrome. That has never cost me anything of value, and certainly never cost me any worthwhile friends.

    But hyper-focus definitely does cost me more personally than it helps me at work.

    Now I have to fight the temptation of finding out what this “ETSY” thing is all about….

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    I haven’t had the guts to try it out yet, but came across a post yesterday about a firefox add-on that lets you block out a website for a set amount of time, or at specific times. It seems like it would be a good thing if you need to avoid getting sucked into the usual suspects (facebook, ebay, totallyadd !!).


    There’s the post – she explains it well.

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    THANK YOU STASH – I really need this add-on. I don’t use Firefox, but this is a good reason for using it. Unfortunately the totallyadd website is one of the sites I will need to manage with it :?

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    Well, I just set up all my favourite timewasting websites to be blocked during certain hours of the day, and also to prevent me from spending more than 10 minutes in an hour on any of them. I can circumvent this by using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, but I’m going to try working with Firefox as my main browser now, and see how this works for me. I am sooooo grateful that you posted this, Stash. Internet surfing is a bad habit of mine.

    Switching off for the night, setting up Firefox as my main browser now! :D

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    So glad you found it useful! Let us know how it goes! Firefox has been my browser of choice for years now.

    Internet research is my bigger downfall. I do a lot of mindless surfing too, but I love to research and find avenues of information other than wikipedia.

    My worst internet research ‘coma’, was when Katrina hit. I love weather and days before CNN was on the bandwagon, I was following the storm. More interested in the science than the drama. I spent every hour I wasn’t at work (and some while I was) on my couch with computer on my lap and at least two windows and over 20 tabs open to a variety of sites from NOAA, to National Geographic, to a very technical meteorologists forum where I only understood about 1/4 of what I read, plus I was flipping back and forth between CNN (which I usually hate) and various other news outlets on the tv. Once it became more of a human story, I was also on itunes listening to police radios in New Orleans.

    At the time I was able to educate a lot of people about the basic science of the storm and the levees and the importance of not messing with natural shorelines, but looking back I realize how downright obsessive I was. I barely ate or slept for about 5 days. Work was a MAJOR inconvenience to me.

    I actually started looking into taking a meteorology course and getting into the field. Perfect career change for an event planner, right? (yeah, I plan events for people – will discuss that another time on another thread)

    Now I still check the radar instead of the weather network, and I do pop onto NOAA to see what hurricanes are coming, and still have occasional dreams of going storm chasing, but I definitely played out the intensity of that particular hyper-focus.

    Wow, what the hell took me so long to realize that there was something bigger going on in my brain?? The signs have been lit in neon for a long time now!

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    I started using it last night, great, it wouldn’t let me go to any of my favourite sites (not that many). On Saturdays I set it to the same as the workweek since I do work Saturdays most weekends, but Sundays will be a free-for-all. That’s why I’m checking all my websites early today 8)

    When there’s bad weather afoot, I also check the weather and radar scans frequently, but that’s also because I don’t listen to the radio and we don’t have tv reception. Our area is prone to tornadoes so I want to make sure I stay in touch when that’s going to happen. Of course, it has to LOOK nasty outside or I won’t think to check.

    Now I have to worry about space junk falling on my head – when is that satellite supposed to crash? 😯

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    Haha! It fell around midnight on Friday, harmlessly into the ocean. You’re all good!!

    And bravo for making use of that tool! I hope it continues to work for you.

    On another note, my initial appointment with my family doctor is tomorrow morning. Bit of a knot in the stomach thinking about it. I’m imagining myself saying – “So, I took these online tests… and I’ve been surfing this web forum… and I think I have ADHD…”

    Ugh. Hopefully the doc will be open and not dismissive.

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    Hi Stash,

    Yes, the “leech” is working for me and I better hurry before I’m locked out from this site!

    Good luck with your doc. Mine was not approachable, she cut me off pretty quickly and said she doesn’t diagnose ADD. I could have a freebie assessment through the hospital (and wait months and months) or pay extra for an assessment by a top ADD psychiatrist (but he doesn’t treat, only assesses). I opted for the latter, after all, my life is worth it.

    So if he/she isn’t open about it, ask to be referred to someone who is more knowledgeable about ADD (but perhaps be more diplomatic about it – is there a specialist who could do a formal assessment?)

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    WOW!!! I have been diagnosed with ADHD for years and my adderall xr works wonders for me but this “hyper coma” I had no idea other people did this and I had no idea it had anything to do with having ADHD!! I work a lot and my last days off I pretty much spend doing nothing but searching for the right halloween costume online, nothing was good enough and if it was I had to find something wrong with it and start my search fresh spending hours upon hours! It’s really great to know it’s not just me!!

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