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What does it really mean when people say "Don't be so hard on yourself"?

What does it really mean when people say "Don't be so hard on yourself"?2013-03-05T19:58:40+00:00

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    Dumbest thing I’ve done?: The stuff I keep doing over and over and again… expecting different results. Please don’t throw that definition of insanity crap at me.

    I’ve heard that once of twice of fifty million thousand hundred times before.


    Whelp, I just got finished watching a Sermon I missed this last Sunday and it was such a good sermon that I watched another!. In fact the second one I watched was even better, a lil bit. I missed that one too. It was last Sept. I get a lil depressed in Sept. But it helps to know what the problem is, doesn’t it?. It felt like depression, but the truth is I was “suffering the same growing pains that I’ve been suffering for many years.

    Re-learning the same lesson yet again.

    The truth behind the truth I’m telling you is that once again I’m being too hard on myself. But what exactly does this mean?

    Dang, what a loaded question. BTW, I’m not loaded. Just in case you’re thinking about a million miles an hour and your imagination works anything like my imagination. I don’t actually think that we as ADDer’s are all that unique with our “thinking a gazzilian miles an hour”. It’s true that we’re a lil bit different from the rest of the world. But isn’t the entire world full of people who are all very different from each-other.

    This is a quite motley crew we have gathered here this last few years. Give or take a year.
    I’m interesting in what the rest of you guys think about this “You’re too hard on yourself” comment that so many of us have heard for so very long. I for one would like to go on record as saying “please do not say that to me!!!”

    It drives me absolutely batter. I mean “Bat Shit Crazy” batty. So please don’t do that to me.
    It’s not like I can do anything at all about it if you do say that to me. I might not like you though. If you’re like me then you’re probably already convinced that I don’t like you anyway.

    That’s because
    LOL, maybe you should just laugh it off.

    PS Shine     on   Crazy  Diamond…


    Patte Rosebank
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    When someone says, “You’re too hard on yourself”, you could go like a complete pervert and say, “Oh, but the pain is EXQUISITE, and I LOVE IT!!!”

    (That would shut them up in a hurry.)

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