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"Why we get fat and what to do about it?" Book discussion anyone?

"Why we get fat and what to do about it?" Book discussion anyone?2011-05-30T17:26:25+00:00

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    So ADD crew, I’m reading this book by Gary Taubes and wondered if anyone wants to do a book discussion with me.

    It deals with thermodynamics, eating fat does not make us fat, it’s not that we are lazy and gluttons that make us fat and basically turns the much touted food pyramid upside down.

    Thanks in advance for any replies. :)


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    What a great idea! Book discussions, not just your book but the ADD books as well.

    Can you give me an idea of what thermodynamics is? I hope it isn’t a Atkins diet clone. Never paid much attention to the food pyramid, it never seemed right to me and its always behind the times. When I was a kid the food pyeramid was a receipe for a heart attack. I don’t even remember what it looks like now.

    The best diet advice I ever got was the Pritikin diet. I tried it when it first came out. I managed to stay on it for 8 weeks and felt wonderful. If I had known about my ADD then I might have stayed on it forever. I never felt hungry or deprived and never had to count calories. I’m trying to get back on it now. It should be easier now that I know about my ADD. I remember the clarity of mind I had on that diet. Unfortunatly, that was nearly 40 years ago. I wonder if it would work for anyone that has ADD. I could focus without caffeine. I could remember things. I had energy that I want back.

    If anyone is interested their website is http://www.pritikin.com. It gives you the whole plan without even having to log in. It is a simple diet, simple is good for ADDers. The way I remember it from the original book was no salt, no sugar, no fats or oils, no caffeine and no chocolate. The site gives you how many servings of different kinds of foods but I still remember the basic stuff that the original book said. Has anyone else tried this diet?


    Patte Rosebank
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    I just saw on the news, yesterday, that the Food Pyramid has just been replaced by the USDA Dinner Plate, because the Pyramids were always too confusing.

    The new Dinner Plate is just a circle, divided into quarters: Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Protein. Next to it is a small circle for Dairy (representing a glass of milk or cup of yogurt). Looking at the plate, you can see that half your meal should be Fruits & Veg, 1/4 should be Grains, and 1/4 should be Protein.

    This is similar to the ratio on a “diabetic plate”, which has a large half-section (for Vegetables), and two 1/4 sections (for Grains & Protein).



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    It’s basically advocates a high protein low carbohydrate deal (but it’s not a diet book-just details numerous research studies into how our bodies feed themselves and store or use fat based on insulin levels and blood sugar.

    Interesting definitely, interesting.

    Will be exploring eating less carbs but still some of the puzzle pieces are missing I think.


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    Hi Monika,
    Is this book available on internet and may I have reliable source of downloading in pdf format? Does this book describes nutritive diet plan and effective workouts for healthy life?

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