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    I don’t have fear of noises as much as distraction from them and annoyance at the fact that I can’t adjust my attention and focus on what I choose rather than the noise that is chosen for me.

    Fear of loud and sudden noises is built into our instincts, but if it is a problem or occurs even while we know what the noise is and that it’s a “safe” noise, it could be due to PTSD.


    I am really sensitive to smells, especially chemical, even the air fresheners I can tell if someone uses essential oils or the synthetic form. I can smell a gas leak that the tech-guy from the gas company couldn’t find with the super sensitive instruments …I called them three times before they found the leak. I told them if they didn’t find something that last time I would have to consider myself loony, and refrain from calling them again. They informed me that even if I just thought I smelled something I should call, I was relieved to hear that. But, the guy that came out this last time found the problem and fixed it. I’m happy to report I haven’t smelled the gas since, and I’m not loony, …(?) nah!


    OH NO I WILL NOT!  LOL Loud sounds make my ears ring and are ver painful to me.  As for flashing lights like a strobe light, wow, just torcher me instead. They give me spliting headaches and make me dizzy.



    I have learned how to ignore small sounds. Such as group conversations at restaurant. There was a time that I could hear everyone conversations at restaurant and it drove me nuts. My family joked that I would make a good spy, if I learned how to shut-up.

    At the movie theater, I have to sit at this row or I cannot watch the movie. People better not be sitting next to me chewing popcorn or drinking or eating front of me.


    I hate noise!!!! Can’t hate more!!!
    The earphones I am using now have a certified noise reduction level of 27db, but it is a Bluetooth plug-in type, which makes me very surprised! ! ! As long as it is a little noisy, I can’t live without it. I am a person who likes to focus on work and don’t like to be disturbed by any noise.


    This explains so much of my life! I’m mind blown!

    For as long as I remember I have shopped clothes by touching and feeling, if it feels good I buy it. I dont cut just cut the lable off clothes, I loose and cut the threads that attach the label. Perfume makes me dizzy. I detest crowds but I am ok with loud music as long as it has a melody, specially singing, if it is just noise it gives me anxiety. I hate land mowers and busy streets. The more I think about it the more I discover! I think this is the reason I want to live in the woods in the middle of nowhere! I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 5 years old and I cant believe Im just learning about this!


    First post here. This title hit home so I thought I would start here. No diagnosis yet. Just trying to figure things out. Volume is not as much of an issue as the many different sounds at once. (Chaos) My wife will be talking to me and I am trying to focus on what she is saying and then I hear the tv, the dog, a car drives by, the you tube video our daughter is watching then Hello? Hello? Are you listening?? She sees the vacant look on my face and she knows I’m not there so to speak. I wore ear plugs to concerts. Avoided crowds. Not fun at all.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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