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  • skyler
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    I noticed this post a while ago but waited until I have more experience with ACE. I completed their program a couple of months ago. I actually did the Attengo program about 2 years ago after being diagnosed with ADHD, but didn’t see the results I wanted, so then someone recommended traditional biofeedback so I tried 20 sessions with marginal improvement. I ended up going to the ACE clinics because I was desperate for a solution and I wanted to find out if there is a way to solve my problems once and for all. My problems affected my work as well as my marriage and I remember having concentration problems forever.

    I could notice changes after 3 weeks of training with ACE. This continued to progress month by month. Now I can focus so much better and my ability to multi task is much better too. Also my auditory processing has improved a lot. Before, I couldn’t listen to a lecture without my mind daydreaming, or my mind racing and thinking about everything except the topic at hand. The biggest complainer was my wife claiming that I didnt care although I did, I just couldn’t remember always what she was saying. Cut a long story short I can now listen, pay close attention and remember everything (almost). My memory in general improved a lot (BTW another thing that traditional neurofeedback doesn’t deal with), and my wife will gladly confirm 🙂 She will also confirm that I am a lot calmer and don’t suffer from anxiety like I did before. everyone who knows me noticed that.

    In retrospective I understand why neurofeedback didn’t work for me – it doesn’t address auditory problems at all and it doesnt address memory issues, at least not directly like the ACE program does. While there is some similarity between Attengo and ACE (my understanding is that Attengo purchased the technology from ACE but not everything), the programs are different. But most importnant  – I didn’t get any clinical support from Attengo. ACE offers full clinical support, guidance and supervision. This is very important because you hit a wall regularly and if you have a clinician monitoring your progress and guiding you, you can overcome the obstacle and move on, otherwise you get stuck without knowing what to do. This was important especially in the beginning. It certainly made a huge difference for me.

    I think I am a pretty smart guy but failed in university because I couldn’t focus. Now I am planning to go back to school and I know I’ll be successful this time.

    In summary, the old saying that you get what you pay for proved itself yet again.

    I hope this is helpful. Good luck everyone!

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