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Are you Totally ADD?

dtp_1338385_USER_CONTENT_0_html_2e837c11“Do I have ADHD?” That’s the big question!

This interactive ADD Test / ADHD Test will give you a sense of what Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are and what they are not. And help you to start thinking about whether or not you may have it.

For each question, select “Yes” or “No.” Of course, life is rarely so clear.  So don’t stress and follow these guidelines: If what we are describing ever happens to you, select Yes.  Choose No for “Nope, never happens.”

DISCLAIMER: A proper ADHD diagnosis involves interviews and other assessments by trained professionals.  You’ll need to see a doctor in order to be diagnosed. This quiz is not intended to offer a medical diagnosis and should not be substituted for one.

These questions are designed for Adults only. ADHD looks different in kids. A ten year old hasn’t had three divorces or a bankruptcy. Even if they are ‘very advanced for their age.’