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    The Purpose of My Trip

    “What is the purpose of your trip, business or pleasure?” “Business.” “What kind of business?” “I made a documentary about ADHD in adults..."

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    The Goal is to Have a Great Life

    Rick shares a behind-the-scenes story from the production of ADD & Loving It?! that captures some truths about human nature and what matters in life.

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    ADHD, Single, & Loving It?!

    Zoë Kessler talks about the pros and cons of being single with ADHD. How do you handle the typical ADHD challenges of disorganization, forgetfulness, time management, and finances without the help of a loving partner? Does your self-esteem get bolstered or bruised by negotiating a relationship with a non-ADHD spouse?

    To find out, join us for a lively discussion on flying solo with ADHD.
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