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  • New Blog!

    No More Agendas

    Until I knew that I qualified as ADHD I struggled. The limits it put on me were invisible. I knew I was screwing up. But not always. I was inconsistent, but not consistently. Even my unreliability was unreliable...

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    An All New Audio Download!

    Hope, Fear & Clutter! Uncut with Dr. Anthony Rostain

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  • Free Webinar!

    How to Manage Your ADHD by Paying Attention to Attention Itself

    Rick Green and Jeff Copper kick off ADHD Awareness month!

    Jeff will help you understand what attention really is and how it is the key to regulating and managing ADHD.Rick Green and Jeff Copper kick off ADHD Awareness month!
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    Mindfulness Video and Audio Package

    This package addresses what may be the biggest breakthrough ever in treating Adult ADHD.

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