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  • On Sale Now!

    ADD & Coaching

    Impatient with the progress you’re making? Are you open to a different kind of expert? This video explains how coaching works and what makes it so effective for ADHD.

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  • New Blog by Rick!

    “I Have ADHD!” – Curb Your Enthusiasm

    You get the diagnosis. You’re in shock. But your life suddenly makes sense. You have an explanation that you can work with. Things start changing. Relief. Hope! You share your good news. And POW!

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  • On Sale Now!

    "I was shocked at people's reaction to my ADHD!"

    There is a right way to disclose ADHD. And a dozen wrong ways. Avoid the pitfalls. Learn who to trust.  And who you should NEVER tell. Whether they are family members, friends, colleagues, or teachers.

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  • Feature Video!

    A Brilliant Way to Set Goals

    Planning out your goals? Setting some targets? Listing what you want in your life? We want what we want. And with ADHD we want it now! So how come if we finally get that thing that we want … we rarely feel fulfilled or satisfied?

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  • Featured Video

    Why Try Medication?

    A common belief about ADHD medication runs along the line of, ‘My ADHD isn’t that bad. I’m coping. I’m doing okay.’ Another, based in fear goes something like, ‘Better just leave things as they are. I don’t want to make things worse.’ Let's give these beliefs the consideration they deserve...

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