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  • New Blog!

    Willpower in 30 Second Bursts

    In the years since I was diagnosed, I've noticed 2 things that undermine my willpower, resolve and success. One is when a new ADHD-Friendly tool, strategy, or practice that I take on doesn't actually work for me. The other thing that sabotages my ability to make permanent changes...


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    33% off all DVDs!

    ADHD is a spectrum of symptoms, a rainbow of challenges, so you need an array of solutions.
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  • The Terror of the ADHD Diagnosis

    Over 80% of adults who are suffering from ADHD, and I mean suffering, have no idea what’s actually going on. They believe they are lazy, dumb, weird, weak-willed, irresponsible, stupid, clumsy, anti-social, unlovable, irresponsible, and worse. What happens when, after decades of wrestling with this invisible saboteur, you suddenly find out it’s not morality, but neurology…

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  • This Quiz Nails It!

    How do you score?

    ADHD? Me? Take the test!

    At last! Our new ADHD quiz. It’s the funniest finest ADHD Test in the universe. We think.

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