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  • Special Price! Limited Time!

    Earning A Degree With ADHD?

    Earning a degree is fraught with challenges. What should I study? What’s the right school? Living away from home adds extra burdens beyond course-work, assignments, and exams...

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  • 41 Minute Video

    Is Marijuana an Effective Treatment for ADHD?

    By adulthood everyone with ADHD is 'medicating' themselves.  Whether they have been diagnosed with ADHD or not.

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  • New Blog

    What's The Best Career For My ADHD?

    “Is there a list of great careers for people who have ADHD? Is there an ideal job that works with ADD? Can I make good living and succeed with ADHD?”

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  • Feature Video!

    CAREERS: Focus on Strengths

    Many adults with ADHD have found success. They soar. They love what they do, and they do it well. Finding the right career can make all the difference for an adult with ADHD or ADD. What is the right career?

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    The Perfect Career for ADHD

    Learn how to choose the best career for you and thrive! DVD or Download - Save 20%

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    How do you score?

    ADHD? Me? Take the test!

    At last! Our new ADHD quiz. It’s the funniest finest ADHD Test in the universe. We think.

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