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    Welcome to TotallyADD

    Let go of fear and take control of your life.

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  • Parents Can Make a Difference for Smart Kids who Struggle with School

    New Blog!

    It was a joyous afternoon, filled with promise and expectation. Who knew it would be overshadowed by years of misery and disappointment?

    Adorable in her little uniform shirt at 6 years old, she was home from her first day of 1st Grade...
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  • New Video!

    The Perfect Career for ADHD

    A dozen top experts share secrets to the ideal career. Find out how to match your career path with your neural pathways. And discover your calling...

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  • Rick Rants

    Try Harder!

    ADHD adults have spent their lives working their hearts out to keep up. And rarely succeeding as well as they believe they can.

    A common expression they hear is “Try Harder”
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  • The Holistic Solution to ADHD

    Struggling with ADHD? Eager to get it handled? Concerned about medication? Confused about ‘natural cures'? Do you have questions about diet, exercise, lifestyle changes? Finally, one video with all the answers.

    This is the biggest, most comprehensive video we have EVER PRODUCED.
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