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    Now You Tell Me?!

    This new video will guide you safely through the Emotional Tornado most of us experience when we get diagnosed with ADHD.

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  • New Blog!

    5 Mistakes You’re Making That May Be Holding Your Partner Back

    Laura MacNiven explains how it can be really exhausting living with ADHD: for you and for your partner...

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  • New Blog!

    5 Superpowers of ADHD

    First, things first: A Caveat. A Clarification. A Disclaimer. Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is not a gift.  It is not a blessing.   And I’m not suggesting it is wonderful...

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  • Isn’t Everyone ADD Sometimes?

    The symptoms of ADHD are issues everyone struggles with, but for the ADDer, the struggles are ongoing, extreme and not just sometimes.

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