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  • Life With ADHD

    We Put The Hyper In Hyperactive!

    "My husband can’t sit still. My partner is always restless. Never relaxes." The hyper-activity of childhood ADHD usually diminishes in adulthood, but it can still be there, and shows up in a sense of restlessness. The ADHD adult feels the urge to pace. Or fidget...

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  • Your Summer Playlist

    These downloadable audios are on sale for a limited time + we'll throw in a bonus audio when you buy one or more now!

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  • New Blog!

    Your Tipping Point: 5 Warning Signs

    The tipping point is basically a time in people’s lives when the strategies they've been using to compensate for their ADHD no longer seem to be working...

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  • Totally Free Video

    You Know You Want It!

    Sleep, that is. You can't really live without it. So watch our Sleep Strategies video right now. Cause, if you have ADHD, odds are you're not getting enough.

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