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    Going off to college is a big, stressful, exciting, and scary proposition. This groundbreaking new video guides you through the risks and challenges ADHD kids face as they enter college, away from home, on their own, without the structure of parents and high-school.

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  • New Blog!

    Commitments, Tickets & Chickens

    “TICKETS! WHO NEEDS TICKETS?! WHO HAS TICKETS TO SELL? WHO NEEDS TICKETS?!” To get the full effect, imagine that last sentence in a size 96 font...

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    How to Survive “Back to School” With ADHD

    Back to school time has a strong impact on the entire family, and it’s not just the kids who need to get ready. Join leading ADHD parenting experts Elaine & Diane from ImpactADHD and Rick Green, to figure out how you can help your child be successful at school.

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  • Feature Video!

    Isn’t Everyone ADD Sometimes?

    The symptoms of ADHD are issues everyone struggles with, but for people with ADD, the problems and the struggles are ongoing and extreme not just sometimes...

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