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  • New Blog

    I'm glad I know I have ADHD, but I'm not glad I have it

    A few months ago I blogged about those dark moments, when things would overwhelm me, and I wished I’d never been diagnosed. “It would have been better to just carry on like I was.”

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    ADD & Loving It?! - On sale

    Ever wonder if you might have ADD or ADHD and whether it’s undermining your best efforts and sabotaging your life? If so, you’ll want to watch this documentary...

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  • Watch Chapter 44 FREE

    ADHD Medications : Straight Answers to Big Questions

    Get as much info on your ADHD medications as you can. Talk to your doctor. Ultimately, this is your experiment...

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    ADHD Medication: Straight Answers to Big Questions

    The ultimate resource on ADHD medication We interviewed 26 doctors and 6 ADHD Coaches to come up with the ultimate resource on ADHD medication and what you need to know.

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  • You’re invited to succeed!

    2017 ADHD Telesummit - FREE REGISTRATION

    Are you ready to start feeling more confident and more successful? No more excuses or putting it off. No more thinking it can’t happen. Or that we can’t be as successful as ‘that guy or girl.’

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    How do you score?

    ADHD? Me? Take the test!

    At last! Our new ADHD quiz. It’s the funniest finest ADHD Test in the universe. We think.

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