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  • New Blog!

    “ADHD Isn’t Real… and No One Needs Medication”

    If ADHD isn’t real, and no one needs medication, my next line will make no sense at all! But stick with me and you’ll see the connection soon.

    ADD & Loving It?! Is coming back to PBS and I couldn’t be more excited—it has a really special place in my heart, and it literally changed my life. Here’s why…
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  • Reading with Focus: BeeLine Reader


    Learn more about BeeLine Reader, the free colorful reading tool that makes focusing easier!

    You'll learn how to read ebooks with BeeLine, make BeeLine-enabled PDFs, and browse the web with BeeLine.
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  • The Perfect Career for ADHD

    50% off!

    Is there a job that works with my ADHD?  Yes.

    A dozen top experts share secrets to the ideal career. Find out how to match your career path with your neural pathways. And discover your calling.
  • Ask An Expert

    Prioritization and Procrastination

    How do you know what to do? How do you manage to organize, make lists and get things done?

    Dr. Edward Hallowell explains the value of prioritizing and how to make that happen when you have ADHD.
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  • On sale now in the Shop

    Facing The World

    The vast majority of people have no idea what ADHD is. Their opinions and misinformation can derail you. This video delivers a simple, proven strategy to silence the critics, disarm the know-it-alls, and become bulletproof to anything that’s thrown at you.

    Regular price: $21.15. Sale price: $14.15. Click below for more info...
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    Tips You Can Use. Really!

    Patrick McKenna and Rick Green share 36 proven strategies they use every day—the ones that really work!

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