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  • Downloadable video sale

    ADD & Anger

    Explosive Anger is a big problem for many adults, teens, and children with ADHD. It's terrifying to their loved ones and colleagues. And confusing because most of the time the person with ADD is fine. We'll show you how tame your ADHD-induced anger and take control of your life.

    Tame My Anger!
  • Blog / Rant

    What do I tell people who dismiss ADHD?

    Oh, everyone thinks they have ADD nowadays. It’s over-diagnosed. It’s the internet. And cell phones. And everyone’s trying to do 9 things at once. Fifty years ago there was no such thing as ADHD.

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  • Our Award winning PBS documentary

    ADD & Loving It?! - 20% off download or dvd

    Ever wonder if you might have ADD or ADHD and whether it’s undermining your best efforts and sabotaging your life? If so, you’ll want to watch this documentary...

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  • Free video

    Isn't everyone ADHD sometimes?

    The symptoms of ADHD are issues everyone struggles with, but for the person with ADHD, problems and the struggles are ongoing and extreme not just...

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  • This Quiz Nails It!

    How do you score?

    ADHD? Me? Take the test!

    At last! Our new ADHD quiz. It’s the funniest finest ADHD Test in the universe. We think.

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