Do people with ADHD suffer from higher rates of depression?

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ADHD leads to higher rates of depression, failure, divorce, personal problems, risk taking, accidents, anxiety disorders and lower self-esteem.

5 Replies to “Do people with ADHD suffer from higher rates of depression?”

  1. Yep! You get to the point that you’re so afraid of screwing up that you don’t want to do anything. Its so frustrating because you expend so much effort into not screwing up yet do it anyway. Ugh…It’s exhausting!

  2. Wow! It’s my life summed up in 2 min 28 sec…It’s like being on a hamster wheel, going no where and nothing to show for it, yet thoroughly exhausted! Yet….still hopeful 🙂

  3. This made me bawl like a baby. My life, summed up here.

    I am a 34 year old woman, first diagnosed with ADHD at age 4, on and off medication for years, but no one explained it to me, no one tried to understand.

    It’s only now I realize the big mistakes of my life and much of the bad stuff, physical abuse by parents, constantly being called lazy and stupid, juvenile criminal convictions,repeated expulsions from school, dropping out of college, my marriage falling apart, major car accidents, not being able to keep a job, and multiple diagboses of depression when I am off Ritalin or Adderall …now it makes sense.

    And it hurts to know how many mistakes/bad things could have been avoided. Cripes, it hurts. All I can do is go forward and work on it, but wow…how could anyone think ADHD is a gift? I would sell my soul gleefully to make this go away.

  4. awwww, I’d also expect that a pattern of chronic cyclical failure and external blame, without resolution seemingly possible, an empty self-esteem would show a much higher incidence of suicide ideation, attempts and often ‘success’ at that? We now ‘hear’ of removing the stigma of mental illness as a public awareness issue. ADD/ADHD leads to ‘mental illness’-type stigmatization without the empathy even possible. Until ‘success’ of a failed life, ends, in untreated ADD/ADHD. “He/She must have been ‘depressed so’; sad isn’t it?” WE need awareness of the RISKS of untreated, and ignored adult ADD/ADHD. Collateral Damage reduction ASAP.

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