Cycling & Exercise with Greg LeMond

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In 1986 Greg LeMond became the first American and the first non-European cyclist to win the Tour de France. He went on to become a three-time winner of the Tour de France.


It was my kids who had shown stuff. A.D.D. was just getting out in the news and the teachers recommended for one of my kids to go see a doctor for A.D.D. While they were getting examined I read this 20 question, questionnaire and I had every one of them and now I look back and I laugh about it because it explains a lot of stuff.

I looked at the present. Of course it stood out like a sore thumb in my childhood. It was the classic kid who couldn’t pay attention, couldn’t sit still in his seat, and I was always  kind of doing mischievous things. It always got me to the principal’s office. It was very frustrating and it definitely lowers your self-esteem. I had a sister who was really good in school so it just made me feel like an idiot.

I always thought I had trouble in school because we moved from Los Angeles to Lake Tahoe mid-season. The only person I befriended was a pretty wild and crazy kid. He actually went to prison. We were so out of control and I was held back in

the third grade. I always thought that was the reason that I didn’t like school. In hind sight my

memory of school before that was good. Once we moved it was horrible. When I look back it was

obvious that I had it at a very young age. I was probably in a more stable spot not and having to

change schools maybe I would have enjoyed it more. I could think of third, fourth, fifth and sixth grades were my horrible years. I realized myself that I’m not dumb; I am capable of learning, and I have my own set of intelligence that I think is more useful in daily life.

Exercise opened my brain to learning; it has to be more then walking though. It has to be something with some intensity when your heart rate is really high. The hardest part today is kids are deconditioned or are suffering from obesity just to get started is very hard.

It’s kind of painful because I tell people I have A.D.D. and tell them sometimes they have to tell me two times and if you give me your card I might lose it so I try to be upfront with it. It’s sometimes dismissive on me as a person. They think that I’m disorganized or when I have a lot on my plate I have trouble. It’s sometimes a lot of jokes. I can take it though it’s ok.

and I am who I am. There are times were I get really sad for myself. I wondered why my parents weren’t tracking me and why did I have to go through this. My grades reflected the issues I was

going through in school. There wasn’t that kind of education on the subject at the time, so they didn’t know. I wish I had had somebody there to tell me I’m smart and I just need a different tactic and a different way of learning.

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5 Replies to “Cycling & Exercise with Greg LeMond”

  1. Thanks Greg
    So many important points were cover in this video. Sounds like education is key, meaning the general public and the education system needs to know more about ADD.

  2. Greg Lemond is, was and always will be awesome !!! Remember when he finished 1:17 up on the whole peleton at the Worlds Junior Championships, he gave the Tour to Bernard Henault, Greg was one of the BEST CYCLISTS EVER

  3. So true that was so much like my life. School was a real but kicker. I got lucky had great teacher to help me in 4th grade the second time around. I love seeing people who have done well say , I am add and it is what makes me so powerful. Just hard to control some times.

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