Time Management: I’m Always Late – Video

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“I’m always late.  I’m always behind schedule.  I leave things till the last moment.  I end up rushing.  I’m always trying to catch up.”

Adults with ADHD often struggle with being on time. They fail to plan, they don’t follow a schedule, or allow for delays and interruptions.

They end up driving too fast, cutting corners, forgetting things because they’re in a panic. Yet they cannot see why this keeps happening. It is a huge blind spot, and it costs an ADHD adult time, money, opportunities, and eventually affinity, friendships and even their job. Dr. Anthony Rostain explains what’s going on and uses a powerful analogy drawn from mountain climbers who take on the challenge of Everest.

Time management is a big issue, and as you learn to arrive on time, or ever early, you will enjoy a huge reduction in stress and frustration.

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