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  1. I was at Sick Kids hospital last week talking with the head of the ADHD research department and he showed me brain scans of ADHD people and ‘normal’ people doing various simple tasks or exercises. Pushing different buttons when they head a voice saying different things. But they were told to stop immediately if they heard a certain beep sound. Both brains had similar areas lit up, for the task at hand. But the part of the brain that signals, “BE READY TO STOP” was lit up in the ‘normal’ person, but not in the ADHD brain. The normal brain was actually doing the task but also keeping in mind that it might have to stop suddenly. The ADHD brain was simply doing the task. And sure enough, the ADHD people were slower, significantly slower, in registering the stop signal and actually stopping. The STOP signal was actually delayed. The ADHD brain(s) is actually so engaged in the task, it’s not even thinking about stopping.

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