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Re: Funniest ADD Moment — What's yours?

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i’ve been really good with not losing my keys, cos i’m obsessive about putting them straight back into my bag, and i daren’t let the bag out of my sight. thank goodness.

the one time i did lose my keys, it drove me completely nuts- i last had them just before getting home from the 18 hour drive home, after a long weekend away one spring, and then they vanished without a trace- i tore the house apart (and my hair out!) looking for them for months and months- in my bag, in my pockets, in all the piles of mess and boxes of junk in our apartment, every drawer i could think of, all that weird crap that collects in the car glovebox, i backtracked to a gas station and grocery store we’d stopped in, etc- looked everywhere.

finally as fall crept in i gave up on the futile quest for the invisable keys, and got a new (wickedly expensive) car key cut and beepy alarm-pressing thing bought and programmed, plus complete set of new housekeys cut, a snazzy high vis keyring, etc (after relying on my partners spares the whole time) put them on the keyring, and then low and behold, the next morning i looked out of the window, decided the cold weather was coming, put on my winter coat….

…… and my frigging lost keys hit me very hard and very loudly on the head as i put up my hood.

…. i must have put my coat over my arm as i got out of the car, chucked the keys in my hood to carry my bags, and managed to put my coat away in the closet without them falling out of it. they sat inches from the front door for a good 6 months, just out of sight.