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Re: Funniest ADD Moment — What's yours?

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oh! my bf just told me that he thinks something i did the other day is funnier:

he was watching holmes on homes, like he does… and i’d just got a drink from the kitchen- i came back, bounced enthusiastically onto the couch, and jumped up with a loud shriek- grabbing my derrierre with my drink-free hand (sloshing juice everywhere in the process), and pulled out a splinter of something plastic and shiny from the fabric of the back of my pants. a splinter.

as he finished laughing i wailed, dusted myself off, gave the couch cushion a dirty look, and sat back down.

and promptly jumped back up again. splinter number two. grrrr.

with loud grumblings i felt around the back of my pants again a few times, dusted my hand along the couch cushion, scowled at his ‘desperately trying not to laughoutloud’ face, and hesitantly sat down again.

… and jumped back up again. splinter number three. son of a beach!

by this point he was snickering behind his hand, and i was peeved beyond beleif. i made him get up, shook out the couch throw, put it back, gave it 3 or 4 distrustful glances, and ever so slowly lowered myself onto it, settled in… everything was good. i relaxed, shifted my weight, reached for my drink, and two seconds later, guess what? yep.

as he tried to hold back the tears and roars of laughter i jumped up, yelled

“this isn’t funny! i’m getting hurted! i could be bleeding!”

grabbed the seat of my jammies again, ran my hands all over them to no avail, then exasperatedly turned away from him, pulled them down, bent forward, and declared loudly,

“could you just stop laughing- it hurts! there could be a bloody great big glass shard sticking out of my flesh!”

gave him another dirty look, and said:

“for *%$@#!s sake! can you please just check and see if there is a hole in my butt!”

… yeah, all sense of maturity was lost at that point.

i meant ANOTHER hole, not the one thats supposed to be there.


stupid couch.

stupid boyfriend.

stupid splinters.