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I just joined this site. It’s awesome! One memory came to mind after reading blue wanderer’s post. It’s short: Hubby came into the living room where I was watching TV. “Were you ironing?” says he. I had been. “And you got hungry?” Yupper again. He pulled the iron out from behind his back. “Found this in the fridge.” Oops.

I worked for a newspaper a couple of years as a reporter for a small weekly. I covered, among other things, city council and school board meetings. Working until the last second on deadline day, as usual, I had a city council story and a school board story to put on the same page. No computer pagination then. They were cut out, waxed and pasted up. Layout is not my favorite thing, but I could usually muddle through it. Problem was, I was just a little long on each article for the space I’d left. That’s not too much, I figured. The typesetter had been teaching me little tricks, so I went back to the computer, played with the spacing between words and between lines – not so much anybody would notice, but enough I wouldn’t have to cut any of my golden words. So I went back and forth, editing a little, manipulating a little. Finally, they were done – a perfect fit, and all my words intact. The next morning, my editor was reading the paper, that was on it’s way to subscribers and news stands, and he blurted in my direction, “HAH! You must have been working late on this.” With my heart sinking to my shoes, I looked over his shoulder. There were both my headlines, and an article under each – the same city council article under both headlines. The next week I ran the school board article again, with an “Oops” under the headline. I was just thankful everybody mostly thought it was funny, except maybe the school board. I love small towns.