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LOL – this is me too, minus the cat food – “I can walk into a grocery store chanting “Toilet paper, orange juice, cat food, creamer”, and walk out without the toilet paper, the most needed item, but with three other things that were on sale.”

Our house is such a mess that we can’t invite anyone over, even someone to help us with decluttering and cleaning, although we’ve both agreed that’s what we really need to do, get help. The most embarassing thing I had to do lately was give the ADD psychiatrist 3 photos of our living space – I’m sure it’s no worse than what he’s seen before, but it hit home hard.

Our library now sends email reminders and you can manage the holds and renewals online. If something’s overdue and I still want it, my husband puts it on hold on his account, and picks it up for me. Every once in awhile we get caught with a fine but I think of it as a donation to the library.

I think I have at least 30 books that I’ve got that I want to read (purchased) that I haven’t yet, started into 5 or so of them.