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Yep to escalator (people movers at the airport). “Stand to the RIGHT people—walkers to the LEFT!” Yep to the elevator “door close” buttons. Oh yeah! Being one of 3 A’s in the class—but the only one not paying attention to the prof, instead reading her own textbook at her own pace! (He spoke to quietly and in an accented voice). Also being the only one in my study group who looks like she’s not paying attention, but is actively reading 1 or 2 related materials in an effort to “confirm” the information being discussed. Got the highest score on the practice test—but I think everyone thinks I’m “flakey” or they don’t really take me seriously. I was called “flighty” or “space-cadet” many a time back in school. My dad said I only carried my books “to make muscles.” I didn’t have ANY study habits! I was constantly forgetting things at home, or at school—I have DOZENS of memories of going to school after hours to retrieve books from my locker (often having to be “let it” by the janitor). Yet I was class president, gifted-intelligent, and taught my music class when the teacher was absent and we had a “non-musical” sub.