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…who in addition to the other driving habits, shouts in my car to ALL the ignorant motorists, who haven’t taken the time to go to driving school for all the speeding tickets, because they don’t seem to know any of the common rules of the road that make traffic flow nicely!

1) When making a right turn you CAN go when the light is red, you just need to pause for a teeny tiny second to make sure no one is going to crush you.

1a) When turning right, you must turn into the right lane and not drag across three lanes to the left lane – you will see the importance later.

2) When making a left turn, YES even a protected left, you must turn into the LEFT-most lane SO that those turning right opposite you have a place to go and you all don’t crush each other.

These two simple rules will help the traffic flow, and keep my blood pressure in check. :)