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Re: medicare and medicaid

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This thread is irony at it’s finest. I’ve been reading from this part of the forum TotallyADD Forums / Most X-treme! / Most Hostile/Ignorant Thing I’ve Heard for laughs!, I get a kick out of reading about how ignorant so many of the non ADHD people who don’t believe it’s real are: idiots are FUNNY. Then I came to this thread…

None of us are perfect. But we can all claim that we’re making progress in spite of this nutty world we’re in, huh?.

I’m making progress. When I first came here I was anal retentive. Now, I’ve been dealing with diarrhea!. LOL. It’s a wonderful thing not to be all plugged up with constipation :-) I’m not even pissed off about the health care I get any more. I’m getting the hang of making the best out of what I do get. Also, I know I’m not alone.

ADHD is the shits. But most of us manage to realize it’s actually fertilizer when we deal with it. (I just made that up. :-))

Don’t forget to breath!

(I had one good friend in high school, he used to always say that to me… guess he noticed how forgetful I was?)

PS I just remembered, I actually had one in Utah, and one in Ca. I remember most of the stuff I forget about. It’s just a little bit late when I do :-)