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medicare and medicaid

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    Agreed, I’ll keep it a bit more relevent. MMMOstly.. :-D

    Take care brother, or sister…

    Never let em grind ya down.


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    Robbo, of course you fit in here! We need you here!

    I know there are some people that are negative on here and some people that irritate other people, but sometimes people just need to vent.

    Tea, I am sorry you feel that way. There is still lots of humor on the website. Lot’s of the forums have humor in them and lots of the videos/blogs do too! You could even start a new forum post about humor


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    Ohhhh, OK! (butt wagging, got no tail)

    crap man I forgot!!! :-D Thanks Jimi.

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    I don’t know who you consider trolls. The topics medicaid and medicare leave a lot ot space for discussion

    Secondly Which healthcare system are you referring to (US, Canada?) as being all smoke and mirrors

    Both have major flaws when it comes to ADHD and mental health in general.


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    Robbo – of course you’re welcome here. You contribute a lot – not least opening my mind up to different music!

    Tea – I have to ask this because it’s a word that has been used a lot recently, but what is a troll? Excuse my ignorance.

    What you said Tea about opinions – well I think people use the site for different reasons – some to get info – others to get companionship with like minded people (afterall where else would some of the stories here be seen as funny, they wouldn’t be understood by our linear friends). Also because most of us here aren’t psychiatrists much of what we say is based on personal experience and our perceptions of that experience (opinion) which might be right or wrong. Actually from reading some peer reviewed reseach papers on ADHD written by ‘proper’ researchers, I would say that their understanding of the condition is not great and little discoveries being made will eventually answer the questions – but even those guys can just conjecture from their research.

    I too miss no_dop and the banter that we had but I suppose people will come and go however sad that is.

    Robbo – I sometimes think my posts are irrelevant and more often than not I seem to stop a conversation thread. Rather than get paranoid I just think folk can skip the mad butterfly if they don’t want to read it.

    I know what you mean about people jumping on the bandwagon in terms of selling self-help books for us. There are a lot out there. That could be considered good in terms of getting our issues noticed. Or it could be construed as cynical because they know we will buy them. How can our impulses resist?! If you buy a length of rope and a catch it doesn’t cost much, but if you call it a dog lead it suddenly trebles in price. Same principle.

    Try getting help for ADHD in the UK – not easy.

    I have gained a lot from people here and I hope that at least sometimes I can give something back.

    Oh yeah – one last thing. I find when taking Ritalin I don’t have a sense of humour anymore? Anyone else find that? I am not grumpy or anything, just not so scatty I suppose but that did lead to some laughs as well as frustrations.


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    A Wisconsin congressman has written a budget cutting proposal that would make deep cuts to Medicaid. I’m low income (it happened after age fifty five) and rely on PCN (preventive care) funded by Medicaid to get prescriptions. I can see a GP physicain for five dollars, fill a generic (up to four a month) prescription. . . . period. No diagnostic and certainly no palliative care is paid for.

    ANY insurance company, anyone who insures any goods or services, operates on a ‘shared risk’ model. Their profit (in the US healthcare is strictly for profit) comes from insuring young, low-risk, healthy people who do not make many claims and will not until their latter years. That is socialism in its most strict sense.

    People who abhor ‘socialism’ are a mystery to me. All insurance companies socialize risk. I drove on a paved road today that was constructed and maintained by a socialist group. . . the Utah Department of Transportation. I went to school via the socialistic local school system. Later, I taught in that same socialist system.

    My cost cutting suggestion is to cut. . . cut off coverage for anyone who smokes. Allow a morbidly obese person six months to show significant weight loss. I would cut premiums for those who embrace a ‘healthy life style.’ A fit person can be identified just by looking; it is also easy to test for aerobic fitness, strength, and flexibility. Those people, whatever their age, should be put in the same low risk pool as the young. I would then be able to afford the type of coverage I have had in the past.

    BTW, The human services slashing congressman advocates increases in ‘defense’ (WAR) spending.


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    This thread is irony at it’s finest. I’ve been reading from this part of the forum TotallyADD Forums / Most X-treme! / Most Hostile/Ignorant Thing I’ve Heard for laughs!, I get a kick out of reading about how ignorant so many of the non ADHD people who don’t believe it’s real are: idiots are FUNNY. Then I came to this thread…

    None of us are perfect. But we can all claim that we’re making progress in spite of this nutty world we’re in, huh?.

    I’m making progress. When I first came here I was anal retentive. Now, I’ve been dealing with diarrhea!. LOL. It’s a wonderful thing not to be all plugged up with constipation :-) I’m not even pissed off about the health care I get any more. I’m getting the hang of making the best out of what I do get. Also, I know I’m not alone.

    ADHD is the shits. But most of us manage to realize it’s actually fertilizer when we deal with it. (I just made that up. :-))

    Don’t forget to breath!

    (I had one good friend in high school, he used to always say that to me… guess he noticed how forgetful I was?)

    PS I just remembered, I actually had one in Utah, and one in Ca. I remember most of the stuff I forget about. It’s just a little bit late when I do :-)


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