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I was hoping this would get resurrected. When I was in the first grade my teachers knew I was “slow”. My mom knew that I was “normal”, and my dad, agreeing with the teachers would argue with my mom, when they thought I couldn’t hear them.

They got me IQ tested, and they were both wrong. So my mom and my dad changed their tunes. From then on out, I was just lazy. Parents are such wonderful and supportive people! I am still trying to unravel the emotional knots they left behind.

I am pretty much a jerk, when people say things like “Did you take your meds today?”

Or “I thought you were smarter than that”

Or “Oh. YOU have ADD? I guess that explains a lot.”

and all of the other casually hurtful things people say.

I like the way you handle it. I don’t do it that nicely or graciously. One of the things I need to work on. To me that’s proof enough, you are a genius.