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I have seen it written that the public school system essentially is trying to turn out “identically educated” (my quote because I don’t remember what was actually written) students.  In their attempts, they spend time bringing the slow ones up to speed and ignore the gifted, to their detriment,  since the gifted can do the work.  The result being that the gifted “give up” their giftedness by about grade 6,7, or 8 and settle into producing “average” work.

So if the gifted don’t waste their minds with drugs, the school system will do it for them with their educational methods, or lack thereof.  I am sure that in general this is not the fault of the many good teachers out there, but as a result of some group of politicians thinking they know best how to educate and legislate laws and policies counterproductive to the overall educational system as it exists here in the US.