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I too have some amazing friends. One day I commented that it must be painful to watch me exist, and the one I was with agreed. I had just, in a PMS induced bit of utter chaos, barreled into a line of senior citizens at the grocery store, then realized it looked like I must be a really rude person, so I did a spectacular prat fall pulling down a display of Cheetos taller than me, just so it wouldn’t look like I didn’t care about old people or something. I don’t know what the something was that they thought about me but I bet it had nothing to do with being rude to old people.
This weekend I made up my mind to declutter and wanted to be prepared and not get overwhelmed when I started. So I figured that instead of using a decluttering checklist I had online, I would find a flowchart. So,done must have made one…. Except no one had. So I decided to. I have never made a flow chart and am not by any means able to do more than basic stuff on Microsoft office. But an hr later I had some really pretty boxes on a page. Then I realized I had no content. So I carefully wrote the whole contents down in text. The flow chart isn’t done because I still need to find a free app or something that makes it easy. I didn’t get around to following my own directions because the weekend was over. And, now, I should be finishing with my documentation that I didn’t bother to finish from work, but instead and typing this and pondering looking for that flow chart app some more.
Oh, and once I bought movie tickets online, and when the machine didn’t recognize my card at the theater had a mini panic about which bill I must have forgotten that got deducted and made them shut my card down. Then I realized I was at the wrong theater. My friend shook his head, said “BAD MEAN TICKET ROBOT!” And drove us to the right theater.