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It’s so hard to choose just one moment…

I have one good friend who has kept in touch with me since high school and calls me every year on my birthday. And every year I forget his.

This year I had forgotten, as usual, and I was shopping in the mall when suddenly I thought of it. I decided to go and buy a belated birthday card to mail to him. I found one with a picture of a watch on the front and the numbers on the face were all in slightly the wrong spot and said “12ish”, “3ish”, “6ish” and ‘9ish”. I thought this was appropriate, given my long history of being late for everything.

I was planning to take it home to add a few embellishments but I thought, no, I better send it right now or I’ll forget again. So I went and got a cup of coffee and sat down to fill out the card, writing a funny little blurb about it being an ADHD watch inside,  sealed up in the envelope, started to get up to go to the postal outlet and realized I didn’t have a stamp, I would have to buy one…Then realized I also didn’t have his address.

So I figured I could probably find it online. I sat back down and got my phone out and spent at least 20 minutes searching and came up with nothing. Then I thought well, maybe they have a way that I can look it up at the postal outlet.

I gathered up all my stuff and walked down to the pharmacy, through to the back, turned the corner….and found the postal outlet closed. I thought that was strange and wondered why. And then remembered it was Sunday.

That was at the beginning of October. I still have  the card, tucked into a pocket in the tote bag I was carrying that day. I still haven’t found my friend’s address. I’m going to have to email him to ask for it, which will mean having to say sorry for forgetting his birthday again and explaining why I need the address.