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Funniest ADD Moment — What's yours?

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    Great story @mulegritx, so basically. What you’re saying is that you’re a jackass? A “very very very big one” lol

     (very, very, very big donkey), was so excited and wiggling all over the place that he wound up knocking into my ex. I think that particular donkey was very ADD and much like me.

    Because you have ADD? and so… seeing as how guilt is sometimes rendered so just by association. The rest of us are jackasses just as well huh?.

    Oh, okay. Good to know…


    (-;  [standing on my head waving smiley, got the idea from what’s his name]


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    JA–I must say that yes, I am a jackass–and that is a HUGE compliment! 😀

    The negative connotation must have come from people who tried to force donkeys into doing something. If you just play with them, become their friend, and remember they like to make up their own minds about things, they’re so much fun. In reality, they really are amazingly sweet, smart, and funny critters. Sound familiar? 😉

    That’s why I take it as a compliment.

    So please know I’m complimenting all of you, too.

    And Larynxa, funny story. Imagine how boring the world would be without us to entertain.


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    Right arn! @mulegirltx, I just realized that I spelt your moniker wrong above here. But I spell lots of things wrong. It’s hard to spell jackass wrong though 🙂  hehe.

    If I believed in reincarnation, I think I would want to come back as a jackass. I’m already real good at acting lak one

    Thanks for the encouragement mulegirltx. At least not I know you’re a female. I was wondering, just didn’t want to risk lifting up your tail for a look…

    My dad used to sing this sound about “A horsefly and an old grey mare”….  flying around….

    guess I better say gnite.


    PS dang… I’m getting punchie, had a good snicker after singing my dad’s little song after that last post, then had something else I was gonna say. But the edit thing disappeared.  So that freaked me out a lil. I tried to log in… jus didn’t work. Actually I just got to tired to wait! I wonder if what we call “neurotypicals” have that happen?  but it’s not the software. I’m just having trouble with my tired boney fingers.

    I’m sure lot’s of folk get that even if they got no diagnosis of anything other than when their boss called them a dork.

    ADD (A dork disorder)

    Thay’re not werking vary well… so the boss called em a dork.


    Must be tired.


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    I was shopping at a town aprox one hour away from my home

    Came time to drive home

    You guessed it…couldn’t find key

    The only thing I could think of was trying to get in touch with a friend to drive me home to get my spare key(if I could find it)

    Eventually….I realized that a tow truck driver could open my door because I had a spare key hidden in the car

    He came…he opened it….then…he looked at my license plate and  mentioned that my insurance was expired

    I drove home

    Renewed my insuranced…and….

    found my car key tucked in a corner of my jacket pocket!

    I swear I’m going to become a “latch key kid” and wear it around my neck…





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    I woke up early brushed my teeth walked the dog and left for work early had breakfast at a restaurant good so far. Lunch came I took out my brown bag opened it up I brought my dogs droppings instead of my lunch pail. I went home and realized I ran out of toothpaste and brushed my teeth with anusol hemorrhoid gel. The thing is I told everyone because I thought it was so funny.


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    Last weekend, my wife and I were cleaning house.  We tend to keep up a running conversation while we work, just to keep things from getting too boring.  Anyway, I was washing dishes in the kitchen while she went through papers and bills in the living room, and after awhile, things got real quiet in there.  I had music playing in the background, so I just kind of tuned into the song.  Well, after about five minutes, I hear my dear wife say, “God, I can’t focus!”

    My response?  I threw on a depressed, whiny voice and said, “How’s it feel?!”

    She laughed so hard she fell off the couch!  LOL


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    It’s so hard to choose just one moment…

    I have one good friend who has kept in touch with me since high school and calls me every year on my birthday. And every year I forget his.

    This year I had forgotten, as usual, and I was shopping in the mall when suddenly I thought of it. I decided to go and buy a belated birthday card to mail to him. I found one with a picture of a watch on the front and the numbers on the face were all in slightly the wrong spot and said “12ish”, “3ish”, “6ish” and ‘9ish”. I thought this was appropriate, given my long history of being late for everything.

    I was planning to take it home to add a few embellishments but I thought, no, I better send it right now or I’ll forget again. So I went and got a cup of coffee and sat down to fill out the card, writing a funny little blurb about it being an ADHD watch inside,  sealed up in the envelope, started to get up to go to the postal outlet and realized I didn’t have a stamp, I would have to buy one…Then realized I also didn’t have his address.

    So I figured I could probably find it online. I sat back down and got my phone out and spent at least 20 minutes searching and came up with nothing. Then I thought well, maybe they have a way that I can look it up at the postal outlet.

    I gathered up all my stuff and walked down to the pharmacy, through to the back, turned the corner….and found the postal outlet closed. I thought that was strange and wondered why. And then remembered it was Sunday.

    That was at the beginning of October. I still have  the card, tucked into a pocket in the tote bag I was carrying that day. I still haven’t found my friend’s address. I’m going to have to email him to ask for it, which will mean having to say sorry for forgetting his birthday again and explaining why I need the address.


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    Ok i have 2 stories starting with the first one…..

    When i was a kid i think i was between the ages of 7-9yrs old.Me and my older sister stayed at my grandma’s house.We where playing outside and the sun was setting so still had some light.My sister then points up to the sky and say’s “Bat.” I look up and see the bat and i scream and run to the other side of the house.Then after getting to the other side the bat had flew over the house and to where i was.Swoop down at me and i dodged and still screaming my head off.Running around the whole house with my sister laughing and pointing at me.Then i finally realized all i had to do was run to the door and get inside.So i sprint and get in the house hyperventilating. My grandma asks me what happened and while i tried to breath I just told her,”BAT…..ATTACK!”

    Now story number 2 I was either 8-10 yrs old when this story took place.I was in elementary school waiting in the gym for my mom to come and pick me up.Sitting with the rest of the kids I had this blue pin i was trying to write with but it stopped working.I ended up having an idea thinking maybe if i take the back part off and suck on the ink part it will unclog it or fix it some how.So i did that and all the blue ink went into my mouth and i spitted it up onto the floor.I have no clue if anyone saw all of this i wasn’t paying attention or looking around.So my mouth ended up stained blue while i waited.Then my name was finally called and i went to my moms car.So no one could see my blue mouth i covered it with my hand.My mom saw that i was covering my mouth and asking me why was i doing that.I then removed my hand and showed her.Then she also then had us go to the store which sucked even more,lol.


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    So, I notice there are a lot of stories about keys being locked in cars. Here’s mine, I used to be a painter and had to meet a new guy at a fuel station and from there we would travel to the jobsite in his ute. Right, so along comes a car with heaps of painting gear in the back, I promptly put my own gear and lunchbox in the tray and begin to climb into the cab. It’s at this point, when I’m reaching for the seatbelt, that I realise that the driver is in fact someone I have never seen before. THE LOOK ON HIS FACE!!!!! Priceless. Well I apologised and took all my gear back out and proceeded to wait for the actual person I had to meet. I see him after some time and in fact he is driving a Jeep Cherokee and not a utility, he has parked in a bay to wash the windscreen not to fill up. We chat, I put my gear in the back and proceed to the passenger door, which is locked, so the other guy opens the driver door, hits a button, then closes the door. Now, my door is still locked, his door is now locked and the engine is still running. People have begun to line up behind us, people are becoming impatient, and this other guy is freaking out. I decide he can take my car back to his home where his spare keys are. He lives approximately one and a half hours round trip away. He leaves, I stay and try to console and direct people around the stationary locked still running vehicle. After ten minutes of abuse and threatening glares I begin to reassess my position. Decision made, retreat and watch from a distance. Hey, I’m not going to get beat up over someone else’s car. So i watch and try to pretend I have nothing to do with this bowser blocker. The other guy returns no more than two minutes after the last angry customer drives off, he asks me how it went. “Yeah good mate, no worries. People around here are so understanding”. And then we trundle off to work two hours late.

    This other person has become a friend and has since actually been diagnosed with ADHD after two of his children were. Ha, so I guess we were doomed from the beginning.

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