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Oh, I’ve done that so many times. Not just grabbing the wrong cart but putting stuff in the wrong cart. And I’ll go to get something and then turn around and start walking toward or talking to my husband, only it’s not my husband.

One time we were at the doctor’s office and husband forgot his wallet in the car. I went out to the car and opened the driver’s door and reached down to get it from the spot it was usually in. It wasn’t there so I started searching all over the floor boards and under the seats. I was beginning to wonder what was going on when I just happened to look up at the rear view mirror and notice there was no air freshener hanging from it. I stepped back and took a closer look at the car and, as you probably guessed, it wasn’t our car. Fortunately the owners didn’t see me rifling through their car. But they left it unlocked so they were lucky it was just a confused and slightly disoriented ADDer riffling thriuhg it.