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My son has ADHD and is in 9th grade. They don’t understand how to help with ADHD. He’s got this one teacher who doesn’t believe in it and thinks he’s just willfully a discipline problem. The IEP is basically worthless at this grade level. Up until about 6th grade, special ed services helped. Then they stopped taking him out of the classroom for private or small group instruction, and stuck him in a big classroom where the special ed teacher “floats” from student to student. He’s been tagged as behavior problem. He is bored but very smart, gets nothing but criticism, is on the verge of flunking out, and feels pretty demoralized. He hates school.  The school district doesn’t even offer vocational training, which I think might be helpful. When I was a kid, the schools offered stuff like that. There don’t seem to be many public school options. It’s not as though a private school would be better if they just don’t get it. Teachers are not trained to deal with special needs. Even special ed teachers have too general an education to respond specifically to this problem.

If there would be one reason why I’d become an ADHD coach, it would be to help my son.

The idea of online education sounds intriguing – I don’t know if he’d be motivated enough to do it. But I will check that out.

To the teacher who complained that we were all whining:  It’s your job to educate yourself, the same way we’ve all had to educate ourselves about our condition. Don’t come in and be critical of people who have every right to vent, in a forum designed to allow venting. If you have a specific question, ask it, but understand we’re here to offer each other our support.

I hate talking to the school. I hate getting their bitchy emails complaining about my son and how they think I’m a terrible mother. It’s all about blame and dumping. They don’t want to help – they want me to magically transform my child into someone who doesn’t have ADHD. They don’t think it’s their job to be informed. They really don’t.