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    Hi, my name is Mike and I have always felt like the oddball in society ever since I was around 7 yrs old (from as far back as I can remember). Unfortunately my family has always treated my mental illness like a hush-hush family taboo, and because of this at the current age of 26 I have recently been diagnosed with multiple Mental Disorders: Primary Diagnoses: Avoidant Personality Disorder, and the following consists of added Mental Disorders stemming from the AVPD: Severe Major Depressive Disorder, Acute Social Anxiety Disorder – Generalized, Chronic Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and multiple Substance Abuse Dependencies (i.e. Alcohol, Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide, Cannabis, and Opiods. My Primary Diagnoses from what I’ve researched only affects around 0.5% – 2.66% of the American Population go figure lol 🙄 . To make matters even more hectic, I also suffer from multiple extreme phobias such as, Vehophobia, (fear of driving) Arachnophobia, any kind of creepy crawly in general and im a man so you can see where that can lead. All of these issues make living life at all extremely debilitating and an acute fear of life itself. I have tried to just “get over it” like many people suggest however, to no avail have I made any progress whatsoever during my lifetime. An example would be not 20 minutes ago a Brown Recluse was crawling on my wall and I spent 2 minutes wondering what I should use to kill it, and im still paranoid about where it went after I chose to hit it with my notebook and not knowing where it fell so im sitting on my feet in my computer chair :D . By the way I suck at Grammar so I appologize.

    As you can see all of these major issues that I have prevent me from choosing a career, or job that I may like due to all of my problems. Math has always been my worst subject so If anything even mentions Math I immediately discard that career. Science was probably my 2nd worst which makes sense because of the math involved, funny enough I’ve been naturally adept with computers since the age of 12 when I built my 1st computer with my father. I know im not stupid, but it’s almost like I have a programmed chip in my brain that disrupts my thoughts whenever I try to think for more than 5 seconds, preventing my Intelligence from reaching it’s potential. Switching subjects here for a moment :-) My father was emotionally abusive with the your never going to amount to anything, stupid, lazy, etc. I do believe that my extreme negative outlook on everything may stem from that. I appologize for the life story so i’ll move on in the next section 😳

    My hobbies and interests at the moment consist of: Politics, learning more about my specific disorders, Computers, Ancient Roman Politics, Ancient Rome in General, World History focusing mainly on Ancient Rome of course :mrgreen: , The unknown such as what’s really in a black hole, Space, Galaxies, Planets, Writing, Reading, Researching, Intellectually Stimulating information, Language Arts/English besides Grammar – Grammar makes my brain stupid, escaping reality with opportunistic drugs, Football if I feel like watching it, learning about Medical Terminolgy, Building Computers although I’ve only built a few and had minimal help so I dont feel experienced enough to say open shop and do it on my own yet.

    Movies/Series: Analyze This, Analyze That, Prison Break, 24, Spartacus all of them, a few BBC Ancient Roman Documentaries, some History Channel Engineering an Empire Civilizations like Rome and Carthage, Hackers, The other side of the tracks, etc.

    I mainly wanted to point out some of my interests so that the reader could see what my brain naturally gravitates towards. Any suggestions or anyone else who feels like me who has major suicidal ideations, social fear, driving fear, and mainly not understanding ones self and true ability limiting what they can do in life. Job and Career options as well and remember I have an extreme fear of driving :( . I do not want to sit on my a** and collect a check, I would go nuts not being able to use my brain to make a difference.

    I appologize for the long post and horrible Grammar mistakes, I just felt the more information the better the response.

    Thank you to all who respond, and I feel your pain, but some how im still here and trying to live on.


    Hey Mike.

    I truly respect your perseverance and I relate to a lot of what you have said, which is why I might have some advice.

    First of all, some things in our past suck and there’s nothing that can change that. However, acknowledging mishaps from the past is the first step to preventing them from reoccurring.

    That means that being a realist and an optimist at the same time is possible. The key is to view every experience as a step closer to the finish line, regardless of whether it was pleasant or not at the time.

    From what you have posted, it sounds like you have learned a lot about yourself and things are becoming a little clearer every day. It’s crucial that you do pursue what interests you. Ancient Rome, computers, reading/writing, space, and a general interest of the unknown are all topics that can help make a difference in the world because of the skills a person acquires while learning them, and because of the content of the topics themselves. One may also be surprised how interrelated any or all of these topics can be.

    With all that being said, there are bound to be relapses and bad days, and thus these should be taken with a grain of salt with respect to the big picture.

    All I have said in one sentence:

    Learn from experience and continue to do what you enjoy and what allows you to emphasize your strengths, while keeping the mood light and enjoying whatever easy and hard times await.


    Thanks for the logical reply. 8) Pretty soon here I will hopefully be seeing another doctor finally and get on some medication. :D Honestly I want to try meds because I haven’t yet besides a one week trial once in a Psych ward at 14 for suicide attempts and Prozac for one month in 2011 but I moved states so that screwed me. Problem with going down the route of any of my interests for a career is I suck at Math C- D+ D- D F through Elementary – High School. Special Ed I actually got a B in Math but that don’t count. I need smaller groups and or one on one, but I have a bubble I don’t like people in my bubble because I worry about if my breath smells, or is my nose gonna drip (cold out, allergies) and most of the time with tutors or teachers that did try to help are right up in your face and I never spoke up out of fear, and while i’m thinking 500 worst case scenarios it blocks me from learning. The only thing I remember thinking is just waiting until they got out of my face whether I learned the material or not, once they left the anxiety dissipated temporarily anyway. The Last few sentences or the whole post 😳 may have been run-on sentences I really suck with where to put comma’s. I’ve looked up some sentence structure stuff but I gave up after 5 seconds because it’s like a mind fu*k lol. Predicate noun and all that other weird stuff. Medical Terminology is easy for me to learn though for some reason. Even classes I did okay in Like A’s and B’s in High School English, Literature, Computers, Health, Psychology A+ 😉 , Economics, Geography A- and Writing, I don’t take seriously because the real world is not High School, and an A or B may translate to a D or F in real world careers or jobs in those specified areas. 3rd Grade for example: My fluency in Reading on a scale of 1-4 was a 3 surprisingly, however I have to reread the same paragraph 10 times for it to register in my brain. Timed tests have always resulted in lower scores than if I’d had time to reevaluate my work. Maybe i’m too hard on myself but I like my shield, If I let my shield down that’s when I get hurt every single time 100% GUARANTEED! So you can see how it’s not easy for me to lower my defenses.

    Anyways, from all of that any honest opinion on am I doomed to collect a check or are there any websites, career sites, that factor in mental illnesses and match you towards your strengths. I’ve found very few mostly ones that want you to pay for the crap, or from profiling my interests are there any ideas on anything I should pursue with my issues such as, Computers, Writer, Researcher, Ancient Roman Historian I would love that :) but it requires travel and low pay- Masters Degree lol, and only 3000 historians in the U.S. OUCH! Very High Competition strikes fear into us or at least me. Computer Building would be fun and Intellectually stimulating enough for me I think.

    Basically any of my interests but I do shy away from certain ones like Football im 6’4 150 lbs lol ya right not to mention performing in front of thousands of people I don’t think so, Politics same thing + my drug use and mental issues would be exploited in Politics anyway. Computers scare me because of the heavy Science and Math involved Calculus ya right. To me I’m not being negative I like to say like what you said A Realist. My Favorite Quote ” It is what it is”.

    Maybe I shouldn’t ask, because I know were supposed to reach into ourselves and find what we want to do, but just to see what yours, or anyone elses observations or insight is so I can at least get others opinions so I have something to go on besides my own negative outlook.

    If you get back to me thanks for the help in advance :mrgreen:


    Hi again.

    There are vocational services available where people specialize in helping guide others along their best suited career path. This includes one on one consultation and testing, which allow them to become familiar with the individual. These services and people would probably be a great help.

    Along with vocational services, the doctor, as you mentioned, will know the best route for you to take in terms of treatment, which may or may not include medication.

    Having a team consisting of such people that I have mentioned is a powerful force against the undeniably scary obstacles that lie ahead.

    P.S. You mentioned that time limits for tests have been an issue. I speak from experience when I say that accommodations can be made to allow for extra time.


    Your post, the size, subject matter, and the fact that you’re letting us see a lot of you shows real courage and a sincere desire to suffer less from all the adhd related struggles you’ve got. I don’t think anyone here has been hurt in any way by your post. I relate to just being in the habit of apologizing… I call it “justifying my existence”. Please allow me to inform you that you do indeed have a right to exist exactly as you are. A lot of your story, n experience sounds like my own. It’s totally okay to talk about the problems you’ve got here. You’ll find people here that can relate. More than just me.

    I’m still bewildered with grammar too. I’m kinda dealing with some denial I’ve had about me having dyslexia, or just symptoms of some kind. That’s one of my current struggles.

    It’s amazing how many different subjects and sciences we can find interesting. In 1997 when I first got on the Internet, I would surf endlessly from one interesting subject to another. All the different kinds of physics is still very interesting to me. I see that curiosity as a strength now. I just need to follow peoples advice about how and where to channel that curiosity. (So far spell check has helped me about a dozen time in this post, editing takes longer than the actual writing). I can relate to how you feel about your own writing. I don’t think it’s that bad, but I’m no English major. I take my time much more when posting these days. I think your writing is easy enough to understand and relate to also. This ain’t the best way to communicate, but it’s better than absolute solitude. I’ve never let my struggles with writing prevent me from participating here. I’ve also noticed that the people here are extremely patient and forgiving about it. Polite, and they don’t endlessly tell me to “quit being so hard on yourself” They find ways to help me without sounding like an abusive parent, this is a super cool gang of folks.

    Welcome to our circus! :-) I’m sure you’ll find lot’s of folks you can relate to, and hopefully feel like I mostly do. I feel like I’m getting helped.

    I pretty much just ignore the thinking in my head that says I don’t fit in, or my problems are too much and too big… etc. Just negative pessimistic stuff. That’s just a lil more of the stuff I used to struggle with much more in the past, I don’t think we get done making progress. I just know that I’m not suffering like I used to with negative thinking, and a lot of the same problems you’ve talked about.

    Stick around, take your time, read a bunch and explore this whole site.


    Thanks for the posts guys! I didn’t think i’d get any for a few days. :mrgreen: Yeah I assumed my doctor would be the best bet for finding my strengths, and trust me I know a lot about most of my weaknesses, just not my strengths. THANK YOU so it’s not just me – I think the therapist I finally saw on July 23rd this year misdiagnosed my so called Avoidant Personality Disorder instead of the proper Predominantly Inattentive subtype ADD. I have some school papers from 9 years old and 9 1/2 stating I scored very high on the ADD Inattentive. Unfortunately the Psychological Evaluation Therapist guy was paid for by the welfare office for me thank god if there is one, so I don’t really want to call him and ask or relate this info to him, since it was free ya know? I doubt he wants to hear me babble while not getting paid, although I didn’t bring in my school papers like I probably should have so maybe that could have changed the outcome? I did have a lot of school papers with countless teacher comments regarding my inattention, lack of concentration, no effort, gives up easy, losing things, not turning in work, basically all the ADD stuff.

    Honestly If I don’t get meds, I will not go, I will find a doc who will. I know I can’t just get over it and that the issues are a real problem, now if I try meds and they don’t work after switching and all that after 5 years then i’ll choose a different route, but you have to understand that I haven’t been able to TRY them yet, and until I do that is my course of action, and whether or not part of it is my ADD or another issue I have, I have to have PROOF to believe in something, i’m a bit of a research scientific guy I guess even though I suck at Science. I have to question everything over and overly obsess over it, over analyze everything, I also pace for 30 mins at a time talking to myself and answering myself several times a day :) Don’t get me wrong, I will try therapy as well if I can afford it, but I will not if I can’t get meds as well.

    My whole life my family even still treats my illnesses as it’s a curse to god or something and if anyone finds out OMG (We do live in a town of around 200 population in nowhere Missouri lol so it’s like soap opera central around here) it’s like wow really, and they think it’s just in my head lol, yeah let me tell you all these years and all the circumstances i.e. bad grades, self mutilation starting at 11 years old is (normal) etc. It’s like really? All they seem to do is deny, deny, deny, deflect, deflect, deflect hey just like democrats :) (no offense) I’m also extremely objective which I find to be a strength because I’ve been a Democrat in the past (17-19), Centrist -Independent (20-24) and now (25-26) i’m a mix between Centrist and Tea Party/Republican. So i’ve been on each side and I know each sides Bulls*it so unlike many people I understand each point of view, although I may not agree with certain ones, I still respect people because politics can be harsh and break people apart from each other and it shouldn’t but it does. I consider myself Republican I guess although I don’t care for the Christian values, family values, and anti weed propaganda. To me that doesn’t matter the real problems facing our country do. Federal Spending, Economy, Jobs, Government Regulation, Healthcare, Gun Rights, Weed Legalization matter to me and not in that order specifically. I do Approve Assisted Suicide, I recently saw a paraplegic I felt real bad for In Britain I believe and felt so bad for him because he can’t even move and he just wants to die, but their Govt turned him down on the asst. suicide thing, it showed him reading the verdict he was balling and his wife or caretaker had to wipe his mouth and all that very sad to me, maybe because I understand the pain even though i’m not paralyzed I still feel that way with my issues.

    I reallllly need to research how to learn some Grammar lol, run on sentences I know, but this post is long and i’m soo tired. Sorry for another long post guys and hopefully my political/religious undesiciveness (spelling, even a word? lol) did not offend anyone. 😳 I am learning that my issues whatever they really are, are the main reasons why I am so open minded and can’t make a direct decision, as well as my out-of-the-box thinking contributes to the latter as well.

    I have assumed that I am an Analytical/Logical thinker I read a really cool post about that online and everything on it explained me down to my soul, but Logic requires good math and science skills and critical thinking which I SUCK at so wtf. It’s hard to differentiate who I really am with these issues because maybe I am just being negative and not able to define myself. It’s even hard for me to answer certain ?’s about myself because some of them I honestly just don’t know. I do believe that we were all put here for a reason

    EXAMPLE: Fred was put here to be the best Car Mechanic on the planet but will Fred ever get out of Retail and will he ever be able to study himself enough to realize his true potential.

    I personally don’t know what my super strength is and I plan on making it my lifes work to find this out. Again sorry for this NOVEL guys lol, hit me back if you haven’t fell asleep readin this post lol. Bless you and whatever gods you follow or don’t follow 8)


    Hi Welcome, if I have to wait until I understand how to make a proper sentence structured ,then I would never be allowed to post. so far no one has told me I am not allowed to post. I have tried to learn, I just don’t get it. that’s because they tell me I am not very bright. so if they haven’t told me to get lost fell free to keep on posting. this is a great place with really great bunch. ps Robbo great post.


    I just joined these forums and like you, I’ve been quietly dealing with and downplaying my own mental issues, neglecting myself for so long and now i’m 27 and trying to change an entire lifetime of mental anguish. I ended up internalizing my frustrations and started to get very abusive and explosive to myself and others. I’ve strained or ended so many relationships, friendships and jobs that I felt like the only way to save myself was to end it…but that’s a great disservice to the person I can become and to the ones who love me.

    I feel like i’ve wasted the first 27 years of my life, but I’ve got so many years ahead to live and make up for. It’s not gonna be an easy or short journey but there is, for once in my life, a light at the end of the tunnel.



    I assume it’s probably difficult in terms of paying for the service but if you could get access to a neuropsychologist who would test for various learning disorders you might be on a better path to tackling some of your issues. While ADD is a possibility there are other conditions out there. For instance, the fact that you experience social anxiety, have issues with math and science,learn better one-n-one, and have poor grammar skills yet seem to have a good verbal acuity, which I’m assuming because your posts are expressing your thoughts quite well despite the deficit in your grammatical expression (which on the whole isn’t really that bad compared to some posts I’ve seen here!).

    So for starters here’s a link to Non-verbal Learning disorder ( not what it sounds like) – http://www.nldontheweb.org/nldentrylevelreading/nldcharacteristics.html.

    Just curious if this resonates with you because some of what you describe sounds like a friend of mine’s son ( minus the drugs ) who went in for an ADD diagnosis and cam away with that instead. In hindsight it was so obvious.

    If not…sorry & never mind… I just had too much coffee with my meds this morning :-)

    Oh and almost forgot – in terms of finding your strength – Have you seen the online strength finder e-book and assessment.? It was done by the Gallop Poll people. I took this several years ago and it was quite interesting. http://strengths.gallup.com/110440/About-StrengthsFinder-20.aspx

    Good luck in your journey to self discovery….


    Hi, Mike!

    You come across as a very intelligent, capable guy. Please be grateful that you know at a relatively young age what your obstacles are and have access to tools and help (like this forum!) to overcome them. Also know that you have youth on your side in terms of having a long, productive life still ahead of you as you do overcome them (and you will!).

    When I was a teenager, my mother worked for a government agency called Job Training Partnership (now it’s called Workforce Investment Act). I actually was able to get job training through them when it was still JTP, and I even got a job once I completed the training (CNC Machinist – 2nd in my class/1st chick in the class). 😉 It was completely free for me.

    Here is a link the the Missouri Workforce Investment Board page (scroll down for locations and services around the state – it looks like there is also a second page). Maybe they can help with the employment/training issue.


    In fact, it was my difficulty in starting the process of teaching myself a new job skill that brought on my “ah-ha” moment.

    I also think I know what you mean about having a hard time differentiating your true self from your issues. I now wonder how much of “me” is really the ADHD, since I have spent all day, every day with it for the last 41 years and only just found out that all those problems fall under the same umbrella. It seems like all of “me” is wrapped up in this thing, IS this thing.

    @Nellie – The StrengthsFinder looks very useful. While researching it I found this article about it – the author of this article actually supplies a free PDF of the “strengths” list to use on your own in conjunction with the book. (You have to buy a book to get a valid code to take the test on the website – which he says in the article.)


    The comments following the article had me ROFLing – amazing how many people want something for nothing!


    Thanks again for more posts than I thought I’d get. :D I was able to call the Welfare Office and they wrote down some notes of what I had forgot to tell the Therapist who supplied the Psychological Evaluation. The Social Security Office called me yesterday as well, and I told them the few things I had forgot as well, so I feel much better that the information I left out is now out there.


    The few things I had forgot were Chest Tightness/Pain (probably caused by my Major Depressive Disorder, and Acute Anxiety), ADD symptoms (Inattention, daydreaming, hard time following directions or reading directions, (I usually throw them away and try to do it on my own lol) only because I know I can’t comprehend the sh*t anyway, ( that could also be short term memory problems), Extremely poor Concentration and ability to do small tasks that everyone else can do no problem, and Comprehending what I read because I swear I can read a whole book and not remember 20% of the whole book. ( memory maybe?) I can read and spell wonderfully most of the time, I just have trouble comprehending what I read. I explained that although yes, I did work at Kroger overnights (11 P.M. -7 A.M.) for 3 1/2 years that doesn’t mean that I didn’t want to kil* myself on my way to work or after, or even while I was there every single day during that time, because I hated my job that much. I had a real hard time dealing with any customers retarded or not, taking criticism of my work, work ethic, timeliness, etc. To me everything in retail is all negative feedback- all I wanted was to hear good job a lot more often, and maybe because all my life teachers, parents etc. always have negative things to say to me: Your not putting forth effort, your not finishing tasks, you forget too much, your stupid (basically), etc. etc. etc. and maybe that’s why I’m so negative hmmm common sense maybe? lol.

    Anyway before I make another novel here thanks for caring everyone it’s a lot more than my family have showed me my entire life, which is horribly sad. Thanks for the links and the feedback. I did take a 240 question test on a site earlier i’ll try to find it again if I can remember and repost it later here anyway, one of the tests measures your 24 Strengths (basically your top 5 are your best obviously) annoyingly long, but it does shed some light on what you would be good at although, it doesn’t seem to have an emphasis on any mental disabilities so you may have to answer certain ones like you were someone who wasn’t scared to drive or deal with people (if you have those issues) Example: one question asked would you go to a museum for the learning etc. (well ya I would if I wasn’t scared of driving and all the people around) if I said no, the dumb test would assume I don’t like learning which is obviously wrong.

    My Top 5 Weaknesses or Strengths 24-20 out of 24 registered as follows : 24.) Kindness and Generosity. (probably because of my crappy people skills, which doesn’t make me a mean person.) 23.) Capacity to love, and be loved (my failure to express my emotions.) 22.) Zest, Enthusiasm, and Energy. (my depression, negativity, and fatigue i’m sure.) 21.) Social Intelligence. (No Sh*t lol.) 20.) Hope, Optimist, and Future-Mindedness. (Not hopeful, Negativity, and Uncertain of what the future holds for me.)

    Almost done I know novel number 50 here 🙄

    My Top 5 Strengths 5-1 registered as follows: 5.) Perspective (Wisdom). (yay, I knew I was smart.) 4.) Honesty, Authenticity, and Genuinness. (this could be an asset to an Artist, Writer, Researcher, Scientist, maybe Inventor?) 3.) Fairness, Equity, and Justice. ( Maybe Paralegal work?) 2.) Creativity, Ingenuity, and Originality. ( More assets to Artist, Writer, and some others i’m not sure of.) 1.) Love of Learning :mrgreen: (that could go for anything really, although many I would cancel out that require driving, being around and having to interact with a lot of people.)

    That was just to give some insight on some of my strengths that I may have, and I have to say those top 5 pretty much seem to define me quite accurately.

    Thanks again for taking the time to read my novels guys and providing positive feedback and links to resources I really appreciate it. Oh I did almost forget, I did buy a bottle of St. Johns Wort, and a bottle of Ginko Biloba to try out until I get some medication. The St. Johns wort is an Over-The-Counter natural remedy for Mood Support, and healthy Emotional-Balance. I’m not positive I’d have to research more, but I think it also helps with Anxiety, Depression, and Chest Discomfort (caused by Anxiety.) Ginko Biloba is for Healthy Brain Function, and Circulation. It also helps support, mild memory problems due to aging, brain function, and mental focus.

    I figured i’d give it a shot, and try not to be such a Skeptic. I almost do believe that natural supplements may work better than traditional prescribed medicine due to the Naturalicity of the products, and not chemically engineered fake stuff that many put into their bodies everyday. I tend to think the same with foods such as Engineered sugar (Splenda, Phenylketonurics, Caffeine etc.) I really just don’t trust food or drinks that have been engineered over what was put here for natural use. Many studies have shown that people who live on islands and only eat or drink what is provided end up extremely healthy, and mental illness free.

    Anyway like I said 500 times sorry for the long post again! I meant for this to be my 1st short one but ya, that didn’t happen maybe next time? :mrgreen:


    I still haven’t checked these links yet sorry guys, I was busy transferring my writing on here to a Rich Text Document (even though this is all personal stuff I wrote), it may come in handy one day if I ever decide to become a Writer which has been on my mind for a long time. I figured personal or not If I do decide to pursue writing I need to start saving my writing whether it’s just writing on here or anywhere else, because it does show how I write and all that so maybe I could get some opinions on my writing without focusing on my crappy grammar skills. I’m pretty sure I could become a decent Writer because of my interests, but I would definitely need an Editor.


    If you didn’t see my earlier posts or read them, my interests that I think I could write about would mostly consist of The Unknown – such as the possibilities of what’s really in a Black Hole if anything, and how do we know if scientists are 100% correct that it would destroy us if we entered it, unless of course they purposely sent someone in before, as a guinea pig and actually saw them explode or something. And of course I have a Plethora of many other ideas that I don’t want to say due to others stealing my ideas.


    Many other interests would probably need schooling before I could write due to facts and the research needed to write about the subject. Those would consist of: Politics, coping through life without much help with my issues, why the world needs to be more concerned with people suffering from debilitating mental illnesses, spreading the word correctly about mental illnesses and their effect on the sufferer, and those the sufferer needs to deal with on a daily basis, whether it’s family, friends, co-workers, boss, teachers, professors etc. and many others that I can’t think about at the moment.

    Nothing too important in these two last posts I made, it’s just me trying to think of my strengths and how to put them into action.

    If I could get some insight and or opinions on my writing style and or how I relate this information to the reader please let me know, I accept all opinions whether it is positive, negative, or neutral. I understand it may be hard to rate my writing due to the fact what I wrote on here is not a book or anything but any feedback would be appreciated!

    Thanks guys, I look forward to giving advice if I can to anyone else who has any similar issues to mine, and or to people who are stuck with a career decision and has trouble identifying their own strengths and weaknesses.


    I’m struggling to concentrate this evening after a long day but I was able to understand your posts just fine – I don’t think you need to worry about your grammar.

    I just wanted to say you sound strong and resilient. It might be worth posting a list of your strengths – might help you to see the good stuff about yourself that gets clouded sometimes by the situations, problems and mental health issues. If you are struggling to see what these things are, are there people you trust you could ask to tell you?


    I’m running late, just wanted to log on real quick at the last minute before my counseling apt. How funny huh? After almost a year you’d think I know better. And I was just gonna read a few lol. (I have a great rationalization for being a lil late… :-) )

    Anywayz. I just wanted to second what Tiddler says. I’ve added to the strengths list I started in the back of my new ADD book 3 times in the last couple weeks. It’s great to read through and get a little bit of self encouragement.

    All be bok!

    Hang loose… no giving up ukay?

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