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    Okay I lied, now it’s time to research lol, peace out.


    Wsup GaiusJ?

    Jus checkin in to see how yer doing. I don’t understand what you mean by <<Okay I lied, now it’s time to research lol, peace out.>>” Stick with us okay?, could you elaborate on what you meant with the above post?. Ya got me curious.

    Unfortunately there’s not a lot of easily found help for those of us with ADHD n related struggles. On the Internet, or in the health care system. Keep on posting here and letting us get to know you, ukay?. A lot more people are reading and want to help than actually post responses. I can’t say I can relate to everything you say, but I do understand quite a bit. There’s a very wide variety of ways this ADHD spectrum of problems affect us. We have some very general things in common, but very unique differences. Keep reading here, a lot! okay?. Are you looking for a book or two? I found out they’re less expensive than I thought.

    This is a long difficult but fruitful road you’ve decided to trudge along. It won’t be easy, but I can tell you I’ve grown a lot since almost a year ago when I first let go of my denial about how seriously the ADD has affected my life. This has been one of the best, if not the hardest years of my life. My difficulties with ADHD have paid off big.

    It’s true about healthy food being cheap. Especially the fruits and vegetables. That can change seasonally, but much less than in the past. Imported fruits n veggies can be more expensive, that’s why I like to try to get the stuff in season. Do some more research on the Ginkgo Biloba and St. John’s Wort. I’ll be interested in what you find out. I took Gingko Biloba for years, but I stopped while trying the new medications and making changes to existing ones. I don’t miss it. That’s all part of being honest with my doctors. I’m guessing you’ll find that for the most part herbal medications are unregulated and it’s extremely hard to find any independent studies about how well they truly work. Mostly I’ve found advertisement. Usually what studies I have found were funded by the people most likely to make money off the sales of these supplements. Check the fine print at the end of the web sites.

    My daughter is a dietician. More educated than a nutritionist. My offspring got her BS degree, and did her Internship at Cal Poly SLO. She’ll be the first one to tell ya that whole foods, good and low on the good chain. (fruits, veggies, whole grains) are the best source of vitamins. That being said, I’m living proof that additional supplements are sometimes needed. I’ve had many surgeries as a result of spinal cord injury related pressure sores. Better nutrition, and less pot smoking would have prevented much of my pressure sore, infection, and surgery problems. We live and learn though.

    Try not to be too hard on yourself about smoking a little herb. Be more proud of the fact that you told us the truth about it. I can’t tell you that I’ve ruled out weed completely. I have chronic pain, it’s real bad; weed, (not smoked) is still an option depending on what my doctors say. They agree that it’s about the worst thing a person with ADHD can do. At the same time, the neuropathic pain I have as a result of spinal cord damage sometimes hurts my ability to pay attention more than weed. It’s the long term affects, cost, and risk of handcuffs weed comes with that I don’t like.

    Make your own decisions, you’re the only one who’s gonna have to live with them, mostly.


    Oh, nothing. I was trying to make it the post shorter, because I needed to research some more information.


    Thanks for the post, I may be in and out my mood changes I guess, I don’t know and my interests change like the weather it seems. Some people (non-professional) have said Asperger’s but I’ve looked it up enough to know very few symptoms, besides the over-obsessing on particular topics. I am just waiting around until I can start seeing a regular Dr. I gotta go to work soon so i’m cutting it short and I know I didn’t reply on your post much if it all and i’m sorry but I gtg.


    It’s all good bro, I can relate to the moodiness thing. In my case it may go beyond just moodiness. I don’t have separate personalities packed into my one identity, but sometimes I feel like there are several very distinct versions of me. Fortunately we all get along well and have lot’s in common for the most part. We’re all clowns, mostly…

    We will all be here for ya when ya need some folks to vent with, not “we” as in all the different parts of me, this community. I had one friend who kinda thought I should look at assburgers as part of my diagnosis, but I have no problem looking people in the eye. I’m also pretty good at getting close to people, making human connections, empathy. It’s also true that I don’t have a very good understanding of aspergers. The getting close to people happens in a very few and far between way. It does happen though.

    Just one suggestion that I’ve given you before probly. Do a lot of that research here in addition to the whole Internet. Here’s my favorite way to find specific info in this site, or any other for that matter. Use google to searchit. I got the idea from billd, just type the subject you’re interested in, followed by this code:

    site:totallyadd.com Here’s a good one (copy n paste into google window) ADHD jokes site:totallyadd.com

    My second most used way to find info is to click on a persons profile, there you’ll find a bunch of threads that person has posted on, their favorites, and the comments they made in the blogs section. Just click “member” written in blue just under that persons name. I’ve got more than a dozen folks I follow here. I won’t name names because that would be too much like passing judgement. That’s a little rule I try to follow as best as I can. Mostly because if and when I do judge people. I tend to be wrong, especially on the Internet.

    I think it’s real cool and smart! that you’re following up on the doctors/professional help thing. Ya can’t go wrong there, be sure to be very picky and use the collective experience here to steer you towards the right professional help. And remember, there’s tons here in the video’s, blogs, etc. I’ll bet pretty soon, maybe in only a few more months we’ll see some good big positive changes/additions to this place. Waiting is really teaching me a lot of patience. Really a lot. tons!… a bunch… DGMS.

    C ya when you get back.




    Ya, second page now on this topic so I didn’t want to go on and on (get annoying) or something, i’m not the only one with problems :)

    After analyzing my Psych Eval over and over, I wondered if maybe he did get the right diagnoses right off the bat, hard to believe still since he didn’t see my school papers, but the Avoidant Personality Disorder could be true although this disorder says that I am only “Very Shy” which is complete bullsh*t. Being “Very Shy’ does not stop one from pursuing life, and causing all of the other problems associated with it (substance abuse, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideations etc. If I was only “very shy” I think i’d get over it by now. I was very shy when I was little but as I got older that dissipated a great deal. So I can only assume that all of these issues stem from a main cause which may be the Inattentive ADD that my school papers had suggested other than that I had multiple saying I had EBD Emotional Behavior Disorder??? whatever spectrum that covers.

    BTW Total War – Rome II is coming out in 2013 :) been waiting forever, if your a PC Gamer and love Ancient Rome, and a complex Strategy game you’ll love this one and the original. the original is only like $10-15 bucks (Rome Total War) and named one of the best PC Strategy Games of all time. Just a thought since most of us with mental issues seem to be gamers from what I’ve noticed.

    Anyway thanks for getting back and yeah I took a few days off, over-obsessing over Rome like usual, and playing the game, it gives me of a way to overly-obsess in the game instead of real life, a way of venting some of my issues into the game, so that i’m not pacing the house annoying my family with over-obsessing and over-worrying about everything, seems to have always calmed me down a little, main reason why I played WOW for years until I quit like 5 months ago or so. That I am proud of because games like WOW don’t help your social life any or any life for that matter. And a lot of people can’t just drop it once they get addicted. My one and only positive thing to say this year! I had enough willpower to drop that life wasting game and proud of it :) Main thing is now when you are a computer person by nature, how do you stop yourself from enjoying what you like to do, but not letting it overcome you. That should be a quote :)


    If you can drop one thing that you considered to be a time and life waster that’s huge! You made a change and should be proud.

    If I could only do that with chocolate.

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