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    Very well said. I threw up Protestant I went to a Congregational Church and I never really got into it. I remember my parents force me to go and it was awful. But since I have found God myself I go to Assembly of God Church. It’s Pentecostal. It has been life-changing. I see where you’re coming from though. My problem is that my doctor took me off of my medications and told me I need to get a different Med provider and I feel so lost. He just put me on Strattera and Lexapro and I am so tired from taking it. I just want to go back to my old meds. Church is great though. You’ll figure it out, I’m sure of it. God bless you!


    I have the exact same problem, but I am not a Christian, but rather a Buddhist. Actually, I don’t feel that Buddhism is a religion, but many people do, so I thought I’d share my (similar) experience.

    Anyone that knows anything about Buddhism knows that meditation is very important, especially for mindfulness. But sitting still to meditate is hard to do, if I can even make myself do it at all. I find that meditation is very helpful to me when I can do it, and I do enjoy it, but concentration is a major problem. In addition, I don’t read as much about Buddhism as I want to, because again, I have trouble paying attention. The only way I get around this is by listening to audiobook versions while jogging. Right now, in fact, I want to read one of my Buddhism books but find myself browsing this forum instead.

    So similar issue, but different religion.

    Perhaps this may sound nuts to read; it’s fit and natural to question your faith.
    I’m Anglo-Catholic; “twice the incense, half the guilt”, someone once quipped. Two mass lituriges used are from the Book of Common Prayer, and the Book of Alternative Services. No Latin.
    But I get it. The liturgical dance can become a snorefest if not done right. From lack of uniformity when raising the host or genuflecting, to very unstimulating homilies. It’s very arduous to focus on what’s being said, even be it a lesson or gospel reading. This sense of shame (nee guilt) and low self-opinion have been with me for as long as I can remember, though not one single incident can be cited which would have caused these false perceptions. A kick-ass coach advised on how one can become aware of these perceptions (not feelings), through mindfulness meditation.
    This past Sunday in the church calendar was Holy Cross. Now, dare I imbue guilt by saying that God as described in the Gospel, sacrificed His son to save the world. But that wasn’t quite the focus of the service. I canted Psalm 42, verse 6: “Why art thou so full of heaviness, O my soul? And why art thou so disquieted within me?” Yeah, it was tough to keep it together through the next and final verse before canting the Gloria. “Oh put thy trust in God…”. One of the intercessions was an ask to turn shame into thankfulness and praise. Yeah, I somewhat lost my shit there, too. Noticed at the end that I wasn’t the only one wrestling with a demon.
    I’m reading articles about this: Jesus said to go into your “inner room and shut your door” in secret to pray to the Father. In other words, “shut up”, i.e., “meditate”. offers decent and free audio files for mindfulness meditation. “Put your trust in God” – Well, obvioiusly. Morever, put your trust in yourself; the only difference between you and the priest is a ring around the collar.
    Keep Going.


    Does the bible comfort you? Does spending time considering creation comfort you? Personally, I find the reminder in Matthew 10:29-31 helpful sometimes (there’s a stack more, but it was the first one that came to mind – and my memory isn’t that great, I looked it up). If you want something to get you by while you’re looking at options, and you don’t want to talk to any pushy people, has a searchable site with articles and videos, and there’s an app, JW library, with the same. Which means you don’t have to talk to anyone if you don’t want, and if you don’t like it, you can delete it (it’s free). Hope this helps (it has for me)


    Hi Bob, did you actually manage to read through every one of those posts? 😁 What I’ve read of it seems mainly like a place for peeps to espouse their opinions about religion whilst not actually addressing your concern. Most not all. If you genuinely believe God is real, that Christ is the Truth, take a few minutes when you can and ask Him to show you where He is, where He wants you. We will probably always 1) as humans doubt and second guess 2) as people with ADHD be distracted and feel guilty to some extent, regardless of which religion, spiritual or non-spiritual path we take. Let’s face it, we feel like that at home at work etc. That doesn’t mean we give up on being married or on our kids or working. We just find ways to be who we are that work. I’m Catholic now and I accept that I’ll become distracted. I believe God made me and knows that and is fine with that. You may decide a different Parish is best or to stay and cut yourself some slack. Or even to go a different kind of church (but be wary of people with an agenda dissing the Catholic Church. This is YOUR journey not theirs). Whatever you do, trust that God knows you, loves you and is never not with you in this.


    Are you taking any medication for your ADD? Before I started taking my medicine I was irritated by absolutely everything. Now I can decide what I like and what I don’t. There’s no need for guilt after that.


    I was a pastors kid growing up- I was exhausted with prayer/adult meetings. All I wanted to do was play with the other kids, but under the strict care of my father I couldn’t. I was a goody kid in front of others, but completely evil inside. I hid behind an innocent face.

    Later in life, God would reveal himself to me – and I would search , and I would most definitely find.

    Since we are on the topic of religion, especially a Christian one , I will drop my two cents here.By no means am I a perfect creature- or have any judgement against anyone else, how can I? But I would love to paint a picture of what I have learned through my walk with the Lord.

    Christ came to get rid of said religion. He never opened a synagogue, filled the seats, asked for offering, and never did he set rules that weren’t already established by nature/conscience. He said these laws were already written on our hearts- your conscience either excusing you, or condemning you. So even before the law existed, we had it in our hearts- and were practicing it, or breaking it.

    Christ’s mission was to save us all- from death. For we were all spiritually dead the moment we disconnected from the life source, which was from the life giver, the creator, God. Without the source, all living things are merely in the state of decay. We only look like we are living – but really we are dying. Like a rose cut from the stem- it keeps its beauty and color for a while, but the moment it was cut, it died.

    So Christ came down to this earth – and came to give his life for ours. It all seems crazy when you think Christ came to die for trillions of people throughout history – but the reality is, he died for only one man. Adam. Because Adam sinned against God, Adam deserved death. But Christ who is the Second Adam , died for Adam. So the righteous died for the sinner. We all come from Adam- so if the first fruit is clean, so are the rest.

    Religion as many say is man-made. A way to box in the creator into the image of man – but the truth is Christ came not to form rules and regulations around him, but to give us freedom to come directly to the Father , as sons and daughters. Not to be afraid of the debt we think we still carry. No , that debt was paid. Its the lie in us that brings fear, and doubt, faithlessness – we are afraid we won’t be accepted, there are too many obstacles in the way – No, the path is clear, but narrow- and God has always been waiting for his children to open their eyes and see. That God always loved you, always saw light in you, and forgave you even before you were born – all you need to do is wake up to the truth. Like a baby first learning to crawl, once you hear the truth – see the truth, you begin to take your first steps, and one day you will say Abba, father- filled with the holy spirit, and life. And as you mature you learn to walk close with God- and others, your brothers and sisters. And when you finally cross the river jordan, and you take your last breath- Life will only just begin , for eternity awaits.


    The boredom during the service is not unfamiliar to me. It’s how I grow away from religion. But I’m not catholic. In my environment (Europe) people who call themselves catholic goes to mass once a year, with Christmas. According to them, that’s enough. There also are other ways to connect with God. Somewhere in the Bible it is stated that where there are 3 people together in the name of Jesus, god will also be there.


    Hi everyone I have severe ADD it is destroying my life and my marriage. Been to doctors,therapists changed medications and still don’t see any change. Can someone please reach out to me and help me PLEASE.

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