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Dyed my hair disaster

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    So I won’t admit this to anyone but this forum. Um, I decided to dye my hair tonight. My natural hair is dirty blonde but I dye it light blonde (well usually I do).  So tonight I was going to “touch up” my roots. I thought it’d be a great idea to leave it on extra so that it gets nice and light. LOL  Well, I guess I wasn’t paying attention because right before I got in the shower I noticed it looked rather DARK. Sure enough- bought the wrong color of hair dye. I can’t even begint to tell you  what I look like. LOL


    Patte Rosebank
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    My mom did that once.  She phoned me, in a panic, saying she’d accidentally dyed her light bottle-blonde hair RED (shock, horror!).

    Accidentally dyeing your hair the wrong colour is easily fixed, but you have to know how, and you have to act fast while the dye is still fresh.

    How much darker did you accidentally go?  If it was more than 2 shades, or if your hair is already damaged (or processed multiple times), do NOT try to fix the problem yourself.   Get thee to a hairdresser.  This will require professional help.

    If you just went a shade or two too dark, you can fix it yourself.  But you CANNOT just dye your hair again, with the right colour, because adding more dye will NOT remove the dye that’s already in there.  You need a Dye Remover (sold at Sally Beauty, and other specialty shops).

    Like hair dye, dye remover contains chemicals that open the hair cuticles.  Once those cuticles are open, you can either deposit colour (dyeing) or remove colour.  Those chemicals are harsh, and if you’re not careful, they’ll fry your hair.

    If you’re at all unsure about what you’re doing, it’s best to just go to the hairdresser.


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    I have bright red hair, Cherry Bomb is the name of the color, and it glows in blacklight. Beware of red hair dye, my biggest disasters generally involve the dye going places other than my head. Like on the floor, mirrors, wall, ceiling, my ears, scalp, the back of my neck…. And my fingers look like I won a pistachio eating contest for about a week after I do it myself. The bathroom looks like someone was slaughtered in there. I go and have my colorist do it about every 2 months, because it’s got highlights and I will never again do those on my end. Once I did and it was a horror show. It always works better when I don’t do it myself, but it’s expensive. Actually it isn’t the $, it’s the making and keeping the appt.
    I find that any laundry detergent gets rid of most of the red dyes, since they are made of organic materials. I have heard of people using tide on their hair but I agree about the color remover stuff. Tide is good for the parts of my skin that end up red though.


    Patte Rosebank
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    @Galadriel724, Tide is also good if you happen to encounter some poison ivy, and need to remove the sap from your skin before it can do too much damage.  (When you grow up in a rural area, you learn these things quickly.)

    The trouble with red hair dye shades is, they have much smaller molecules than the dyes for blonde, brown, and black shades.   Red dye molecules are so tiny that they quickly leave hard-to-remove stains on skin & fabrics, yet  slip out from between the scales of the hair cuticle so easily that they fade & run at the slightest provocation.

    For most of my life, I’ve had carroty-red, curly hair, but I’ve had to work at it.  Tragically, although I was born with carroty-red, curly hair, it all fell out within a week  (leaving me bald for the first year of my life), before growing back baby-fine & white-blonde…which darkened to dishwater by the time I was 5.  Therefore, I’ve had to get it permed every 3-5 months, and put the “carrots” into it every 4 weeks, ever since I was a teenager…apart from a “blonde” phase I went through for a few years.

    This kind of double-processing isn’t too bad…until you reach what the French refer to as “un certain âge”.  Then, your hair starts getting more fragile, and double-processing suddenly becomes VERY bad, VERY fast.

    Three months ago, I decided to give my hair a break, and skip my regularly-scheduled perm.  My last one was 8 months ago, and this morning, the last vestiges of it were snipped off by the hairdresser who cuts my hair into such nice, spiky layers that I don’t really miss my “natural” curls.  Especially now that my hair is in such good condition that even a semi-permanent red goes in evenly and STAYS in.  No dripping when I break a sweat.  No coming off on my pillows and clothes.

    The only down side, is that, now that my hair’s no longer porous, it’s gone from being so dry that it needs every drop of natural oil my head can produce, to being so oily that I have to wash it three times as often as I used to!

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