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Sticking to it!

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    I just get really discouraged because everything seems harder than it should be, even things I’m “good” at. I homeschool my kids and was just diagnosed with ADHD. Homeschool has to be the ultimate nightmare for someone like me. My husband and I believe in it so much (I also have a couple of kids who may have ADHD) and we love it, but it’s SO hard for me to just DO it! I am constantly losing school supplies, lesson plans, train of thought, you know how it goes. I look back on how many things I have tried to be good at and have just gotten discouraged with because of the stress and anxiety it is causing me. I am not a quitter, I honestly give it EVERYTHING I have until I am just completely worn out mentally and emotionally and realize that I’m not in a good place in either area. I end up stopping so I can be a decent wife and mother and come back to the real world. But not a lot is accomplished in my real world. I feel like the biggest loser sometimes.


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    You aren’t. You really aren’t. I really applaud your homeschooling efforts…remember, they invented public schooling exactly because very few people can or will choose to educate their children. I looked into homeschooling and simply couldn’t cut it. (We did, however, supplement the academics at home – geeze, you have to. ) You have my vote of approval. And dealing with your own ADD, as well as your kids…? ‘Normal’ people would be overwhelmed.


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    Im 24 years of age, I have many many many talents, vast reserves of store random topic memories etc. all seems fine until I try and put that information to use, and finish what I start. Im an artist at heart I have many paintings lying around the house, sketches, books etc. and they’re all half finished. It’s a large accomplishment if I Finnish a painting because of how much effort I put into it, and of why I started it in the first place. I have a very accute way of looking at the world with geometry, and it transplants itself in my artwork. my problem arises witht he thoughtformas and trains of thought that accompany my jouney of finishing a piece. for example. I have a 4×3 foot canvas in my room. Its half finished, and its beautiful. but I know its not finished, probably even 1/3 finished. spent 12 or so hours on it so far, in one sitting. which is the only way I can finish it, in a very large one moment time frame of 10 or 15 hours, ten minutes here or there wont cut it, cuz its not enough to let it evolve, needs to be longer. but that means I have to w8 until my days off from work to do it. that means the weekened, which means grocerie shopping, bill paying, house cleaning(or try to anyways), then before i know it im w8ing again till NEXT weekend. its atrocious. whats even worse; Its already been bought and paid for by someone I know, and I STILL can’t seem to get the damn thing finnished.. ill look at it for2 or 3 minutes, have some awesome idea, then forget about it cuz i don’t have enough available time at that given now. BLAH!!!! so so many things are like this. my life is a tornado of half accomplished accomplishments. but on the light side of things, grats on homeshooling, thats one things I would love to do with my future children. I feel I would be a better educator than school in convention, the things they lack in the curriculum my god my hope for humanity is dwindling.

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