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    I really have difficulty noticing time, budgeting time, estimating time. You get the idea. The funny thing is, long before I even suspected ADHD I noticed that while I am a very good cook, TIMING is always what goes wrong if I mess up a recipe.

    Directly related to this or caused by this is my lack of internal motivation. I understand that I need to create external reminders and motivators for both issues…but finding what will work is so difficult. I really wish I could afford to hire a coach for a few weeks.


    I share those issues with time. I can look at a clock, know that I have an hour before I need to leave, start doing computer stuff for example, and when it feels like about 15 minutes has past, my hour can easily be gone. I never understand where it went. If I think it’s going to take me 1/2 an hour to throw a lasagne together, it takes me far more – maybe 1 1/2 hours. Or I’ll think it must be about 2pm, look at a clock and find out it’s really 4pm! Wearing a watch helps a little but I forget to look at it – or forget to put it on.


    Wow, Time… it’s the enemy sometimes. Last night I turned off the control thing on my power chair cuz it’s got a clock on it. I sometimes check it to see how much time is left on the episode of Criminal Minds I’m watching. That takes away from how much I enjoy watching these modern day superhero’s. One of only a few shows I watch a lot of.

    You’re talking about one of my biggest problems. There are solutions all over this site, I’ll pass on a trick to finding good info on this site. Got it from billd. Use google, type something like this

    Time management : totallyadd.

    I think the colon tells the search engine to search totally add only.

    I ran a few searches, here’s just a little results. sorta randomly picked too. run the searches. http://totallyadd.com/forum/topic.php?id=2549 http://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=Time+management+:+totallyadd.com&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8


    Go past the first page of search results on these. You’ll find a lot more. I just clicked on 7 randomly in the second link I posted. Here’s a bonus page http://www.google.com/search?q=Time+management+:+totallyadd.com&hl=en&client=safari&rls=en&prmd=ivns&ei=Zs-ZT4_XPKKs2wXIr_ixBw&start=60&sa=N Good luck, these will help me with my next post probably…



    Thanks! I have been looking at the various suggestions posted and learning. The problem is trial and error and customizing what will solve specific problems for me…I think an outside opinion would definitely make it less frustrating.


    Aargh! Time! Time is my enemy.

    I have extremely vivid memories that feel like happened maybe a couple of years ago that are 30 years old and other memories that feel like happened years ago that only happened a few months ago. Birthdays come and I cannot work out how old I am. People ask me for the date and I can’t remember what year we’re in.

    I turned up for an appointment yesterday a day early, not because I wrote it down wrong or got the date wrong but because it was Thursday and I thought it was Friday.

    Hours pass and I think it’s been minutes. And the reverse if I’m waiting for something. My husband for example will say he’s going to go to the shop soon to get some milk. Later, I’ll ask him if he’s been yet and he’ll tell me it’s been less than 5 minutes since he spoke.

    Once, we decided to try ‘controlled crying’ with our 15 month old baby who had problems sleeping. We decided to sit for 5 minutes and let him cry before going in to him. We sat on the couch and listened. After what seemed like for ever I got up to go to him. It had been 7 SECONDS!

    I am often an hour early for appointments, sometimes more. I forget to eat because I have no clue that lunch time has been and gone.

    I could go on but it’s quite boring enough in my own head without subjecting you all to it!


    Time … I use the kitchen timer as a 1 hour warning .. reset that way i see the time change .. it helps

    also a watch that has an alarm to set it for warnings

    mostly about making a structure .. drawback is follow through … time for us is “now or not now ”


    i dont like the ads confuses my attempts at reading the posts ..


    Hi Guys ,

    I have the same problem , if you use Firefox as your web browser you can download an app called ” reminderfox “

    It neat it site on the bottom of the browser page and pops up when a task reminder comes up .

    Also there a free alarm clock that sites on your desktop and you can set it up to alarm with a comment .

    Hope these help.



    It still blows my mind how “slowly” time moves when I take my medication and it’s working 100%. I have a horrible sense of time.

    I use Remember the Milk on my ipod touch for my to do list and to set reminders for them. http://www.rememberthemilk.com There’s a web version as well that syncs with it. I also use the app Nag to set alarms to keep me on task. My ipod touch has been an effective tool to help me with my ADHD.

    Hope this helps!




    http://www.reminderfox.org/ link for RemeberFox


    whats time? whats the time? is it time yet? when is it time? if when, is it now? If not, let me know when its time, then maybe it will get done, but its not time now, so lets not worry about the time. 😛

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