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Category : Best ADHD Memes

Losing Stuff

By driddles

I was always losing stuff, then I came up with a way to make life easier.  You can read about […]

My better half: “What are you thinking?”

By Admin

Me: “Everything.” ⁣
⁣I do like the term ‘Butterfly Mind.’ Some people watch a TV show or stage production that I’ve worked on and ask, “Where do you get your ideas?” And I cannot explain. Someone asked, “How can you think up that stuff?” And I felt like saying, “How can you not.” Sometimes a strength… sometimes a curse. As we say in many of our videos, “ADHD is situational.”

I Forgot to Take My Meds

By driddles

When I was using medication on a regular basis I never really noticed any difference in how I felt. Maybe […]


By driddles

When I find myself procrastinating I like to play a little game called The Procrastination Game.  It’s not as difficult […]

Urgent Tasks

By driddles

Urgent Tasks, Jobs, Deadlines, To-Dos – That I know of vs what I’m doing

When ADHD Medication Wears Off

By driddles

My ADHD Medication is wearing off … it’s going… going… GONE!!!  I have an on again off again relationship with […]

What? Today? No Way!

By driddles

Does this happen to you? One strategy works for a while, Then it stops working? I find I start using […]

No Memory of What I Read

By driddles

“I have no memory of what I just read” – by koirakoirana 40% of kids with ADHD have a Learning […]

I’ve Made a Few Mistakes

By driddles

It can be really exhausting living with ADHD: for you and for your partner. When we depend on our executive functions […]