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ADHD: The Difference we Make Together

This year I had the privilege to speak about ADHD to Learning Disability Associations, teachers, H.R. staff, businesses, civil servants, families, students, and even professional athletes at the Invictus Games in Toronto!

And I’m clear that overall, when it comes to awareness about this disorder, things are steadily improving.

Way back when I first started talking about adult ADHD, the skepticism and ignorance was shocking.

That stigma is what spurred my wife, Ava, and I to make the documentary ADD & Loving It?! And it inspired my friend Patrick McKenna, and his wonderful wife Janis to share their story on camera.

ADD & Loving It?! originally aired on TV as part a series of documentaries that covered a wide range of topics, from serious stories of injustice, to ‘Fancy Dog Shows.’

But it was far and away the highest rated episode of the series. We were thrilled to reach so many people. But we were stunned at how much impact it had.

Rick Green at the Invictus games

We Were Shocked at the Reaction

Folks who saw the program shared heart-breaking stories with us.

They asked a hundred questions, begged for more reliable information, and pleaded for help for themselves, their spouse, or their children.

Thousands of adults who saw the program (It’s now in the millions) suddenly made sense of their life and were reeling in shock. (Remember those early days for you?)

Thus was born TotallyADD.com. Sixteen more full-length programs later, all funded by the sales in our shop, the messages of gratitude never cease to move us, often to tears.

So Ava suggested that I share some of the messages we’ve received. So I am going to. But I want you to bear something in mind.

This is For All of Us

The generous, and kind words here are not just for Ava, Patrick, Janis and me, or for David Riddles who runs everything and Duane Hass who keeps the site working.

These messages are an acknowledgement of every expert, doctor, and adult who has freely shared their knowledge and experience in our videos.

It’s a thank you to every person who’s told their story in our Forums, or supported other members in their struggles.

It’s a for every one of you who has purchased the resources in our shop, because those sales are what sustains us, and ensure the site remains independent and free from advertising.

Our goals at TotallyADD.com are

Creating Connection

Building Self-Esteem

Fueling Accomplishment

I think you’ll find that this first message to us, from Bill, shows how that looks in real life.

“IPTV was running your documentary ADD and Loving It?!, and I came in the house and turned the TV on about 1/3 of the way through the show but the impact it had on me is just plain indescribable.

‘Wow’ I guess is the closest fit. Life changing at least….

It brought it down to a place where almost anyone could “get it,” or have at least some understanding. What a tool, what a resource!..

A huge thanks for that show, it’s finally given me answers I’ve been missing for over 50 crazy years…

…I want to personally say a huge thank you for that show and the other resources.

In a big way what you have done, what you are doing, is helping others, like me, no longer be shy or afraid to recognize or admit what’s going on and come forward asking for answers and help.

I’m no longer weird or bad or lazy – I’m just a person with a little problem.

And with some friendly assistance, I can be a part of the world, too.

When people like Rick, Patrick, even that crazy guy Howie, can publicly say with no shame ‘hey, I have ADHD’, it helps more people than anyone can ever know.” -Bill

Bill is right, we can never know the impact all of us have on each other. But thanks to these messages, we are certain that we are all helping each other. And that we are all in this together.

Now… As promised, here are a few of scores of messages from one 3-month period.  I’ve corrected some typos and trimmed them down… 

Boy, we have a lot to say, don’t we?  And I’ve taken out the names to ensure everyone’s privacy.

Hope these make your day and brighten you holidays.  With love from all of us at TotallyADD.com.

“Dear Rick, Patrick, TotallyADD, Whoever…”

“Hi, just wanted to let you know I always felt like I was on the outside looking at life.  Then you came along and I was able to get inside of the door of life.  Took a long time, but now I’m the one who is laughing.  Love ya!!” -P.

“I love your website, and thanks for all of the work you do!  It is much appreciated.” -J.

“THANK YOU! For being in the world for me to find!” -U.V.

“…In total ADD fashion I had a cup and a half of gas out of three gas cans for the snow blower and I left my snow shovel lying flat on the patio to which it is now frozen solid under said 34 inches of snow.  I’ve reached a point where I laughed at myself for my ADDness.  I took your advice and eased back into learning about ADD slowly… I am proud to say that I have one organized cabinet in my kitchen!” -J.

“Thanks for your approach on ADD — it can get downright serious if left unchecked. You’ve empowered this old fart to Begin Again with a new set of tools that I actually understand — and the instructions are in English, unlike that impulsive German-made Router I purchased. “ -J.

I Laugh, Then I Cry

“I purchased the WONDERFUL movie video, “A.D.D. & Loving It!?” Keep up the good work! Thank you for everything you do.” -P.

“Thank you so much. I was successful this time in getting it downloaded. I’ve watched it once through already. So much great info in there I’ll want to watch many times.  To your health!” -M.

“This video (actually, all these videos) made me laugh so hard my cheeks hurt.” Amy

“Man, Rick… you’re hilarious and poignant! I laugh, then cry. I am really touched :)  Thank you for your wonderful work! I always enjoy reading and watching your material, it’s consistently entertaining and meaningful.” -S.

“I have so many things that I like do that my brain is so crowded that lead me to procrastination and failure before I found out that I had ADHD.  Glad I found your website.” -C.R.

“I am in my late 40s and have suffered symptoms my entire life.  I am so excited about the possibilities that lie before me.  I guess its never too late!!” –L.

Paying It Forward

“My wife received a $115.95 Canadian check for soap she sold to someone in Canada. Our bank will not accept the check, making it worthless to us. I would like an address to which I can mail you the endorsed check and you can: (A) Cash it and have a good meal on me.  (B) Donate it to TotallyAdd.com  (C) Give me credit at the Totally ADD Shop for neat stuff to add to my hoard   (D) All of the above.” -L.W.

“Thanks for the fantastic service you provide us parents of children with ADD. The info is invaluable and teaching me a lot. Thank you!” -P.

“I am 63 years old and just discovered I have ADHD in the past 2 years… The restlessness I have felt all my life I thought was a “character defect” until I learned about ADHD.  Thank goodness I can live the rest of my life with understanding rather then self-flagellation… Thank you for this.”  -M.

“The Friday Funnies email has been the most therapeutic thing that has helped me deal with and accept my ADHD next to my therapist and medication. Please keep them coming and thank you!” –S.

“I was so pleasantly surprised at how supportive people were in the Forums, well, until we started swearing at each other.  LOL. And that worked out too…. I feel heard here and I haven’t felt that in a long time. Thank you!” -J. A.

ADD & Loving IT?! and ADD & Mastering It!…

“…They’re both great videos – saw them on PBS here in AK.  Love their messages & style. We ordered DVDs for friends whose 17 year daughter was just diagnosed.” -R.

“I would like to say a big Hi to you all and say what an absolute cracking site this is. You lot are on the ball love the videos the tools and especially the T-shirts. I’m guna get one of them and I will be recommending this site to everybody I know and I know a few people believe me ;) haha! Anyway all the way from the United Kingdom, BIG Hiiiiiiiii” -D.

“I cannot say “Thank You All” enough. I love finding the laughter in your emails, it helps more than you will ever know. I am composing my loving responses to let you know how much I treasure your work and how much I want you to know your work really, really matters to us. With lots of love and appreciation,”  -J.




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