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ADHD Information Overload? Some things you need to know…

When I learned I had ADHD Google was a novelty, websites were primitive, Youtube and Facebook didn’t exist, and dinosaurs ruled the earth. 

(Not sure about that last one.)  So I learned about adult ADHD by reading books... (Okay, skimming books.)

I was overwhelmed at how much there was to learn.

New research and discoveries mean that today there’s even more for the ‘newbies’ to learn.  And there are some things to unlearn. 

(Once dismissed as hooey, Mindful Meditation now has thousands of studies that show its effectiveness on a number of health issues. Including ADHD.)

There’s more to learn, and more ways to learn it: Blogs, Podcasts, E-Books, videos, and more. (Overwhelming, right? I know!)

Where do I start?

So I wrote this blog about how to manage information overload.  And what I wrote was… well, overwhelming. Then I had the unexpected presence of mind to ask, “What’s the minimum that I want people to know?”

So I started over.

Here’s the minimum that you need to know:  Find out the minimum you need to move forward.

Rather than be overwhelmed by tools, tips, strategies, and all there is to know, ask, “What is the minimum I need to know to move forward?”

Find out enough to be able to move forward.

Notice that a car’s GPS says, “Drive one mile and then turn left…” It doesn’t describe the whole route. It lays out your next move. What you need to do to move forward.

I’m Trying Everything!

In our video, ADD & Mastering It!, we offer 35 tools, tricks, tips, and strategies that Patrick McKenna and I have found work for us. The 36th tip is… don’t overdo the tips.


We can be enthusiastic, and impatient to get our ADHD handled.

But if you make a dozen lifestyle changes this week, you’ll be overwhelmed. And if things do improve, you won’t know whether it was the fish-oil, exercise, yoga, new agenda, the five apps you’ve download, or your new coach.

If you make a dozen changes how will you identify the 7 that made no difference, the 4 that really did help, and the one change that has actually been counter-productive?

What Now? What Next? 

Don’t wait to learn everything. Start experimenting now. Make one change. See what happens.

Even before I was fully diagnosed I was experimenting with adult ADHD strategies and finding which ones helped me. And I’ve keep adding new tools and strategies, and discarding ones that no longer work for me.

TotallyADD has a video full of strategies, a book that outlines how ADHD shows up in adults, and a video package if you’re struggling to overcome fear, stigma, or other people’s opinions.

Figure out what is stopping you now, and address that.

As you move forward, you’ll learn what you need along the way. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll get there. If you get derailed, disheartened, or stuck, don’t make a big deal out of it.

Figure out what’s stopping you, deal with it, and move forward. Get out of neutral, or reverse, and into forward.


No, that’s not all.

But that’s all you need to know to move forward.



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