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ADHD Strategies

ADHD Strategies for Adults

Comedians Patrick McKenna and Rick Green, the team from the award-winning ADHD video ADD & Loving It?! and the ground-breaking web site TotallyADD.com are back. This funny and fascinating program will transform your life and the world around you.

ADD & Mastering It!  is fast, visual and as entertaining as it is informative. The program targets the specific challenges of ADHD & ADD with 36 simple tools. Rick and Patrick share proven strategies that they use, ones that work with the ADHD/ADD mindset. They bring to life the strategies that will make you organized, powerful, productive and achieving what matters to you.

These are practices they have used to become successful ADHD adults.  Joined by 20 top ADHD experts who offer clear advice so you can begin moving forward with power and strength. The light touch that Patrick and Rick bring makes this a fun process, rather than something intimidating. These are strategies you’ll want to try. Rather than feel pressured or obligated.



#18 – Exercise

You know, every expert that we’ve talked to on our website says, exercise is good for ADHD.

Patrick McKenna – oh poop.

I know, exercise.

Dr. Lenard Adler “Regular exercise is important.  It will help manage some of the mood regulatory symptoms that sometimes occur.  It’s shown to be quite helpful for managing anxiety.  So, not necessarily climbing the mountain, but doing 30 minutes of aerobic excercise, 3 – 4 times a week, that can be quite helpful.”

Dr. Derryck Smith “I have just about all of my patients on some kind of an exercise program”

Dr. Miglena Grigorova “That’s how I got through my PhD years when I was just… responsible for so many things at the same time.  I’d go for a walk or a run and my head was clear and I just could focus and do it, and 20 minutes I would do much better job than in 2 hours at home.”

Patrick McKenna “Okay, here’s what you do.  Find a really expensive fitness club that say is 10 blocks from your house, okay.  and walk there. but don’t go in, and then you walk home briskly.  and you get in shape without paying the membership fees.”

Dr. Margaret Weiss “There are a variety of martial arts that involve intense self control, but include movement, where ADHD individuals find relief and comfort, and at the same time can engage in activity and even excel at it.”

Rick Green “Tip 19 Forgive yourself and others”

Dr. Miglena Grigorova “Children like me, who grew up with a sense of guilt, of always doing things the wrong way and not knowing how to do them right, because you weren’t told how to change, you were just told you have to change.  You were told not to talk in class, not to move in class, to stop fidgeting, and I didn’t know how to do that.”

Kate Kelly “I went to a neuro-psychologist way back when, and at the completion of the test he said, you know you had to have had a lot of grey matter to have made it through life with these deficits that I was just looking at.  You know the weakness, inattention, and I cried.  It’s like, oh, yeah, somebody gets it.  I’m not stupid.”

Dr. Stan Kutcher “Some people feel relief, oh yeah that’s me and yes there’s an effective intervention, so now that’s a nice thing to bring together.  Other people are saying oh my gosh, why didn’t I know this earlier, they get angry, upset.  You can have a partner or a parent who feels guilty about, oh this is my son and if I’d only realized that.. it doesn’t get you anywhere.  It’s a way of controlling behavior guilt, so you don’t need to take it on yourself.”

“I always say the best cure for stigma and for shame is forgiveness.  If you can forgive the fact that you are human, then you can begin to work on what your type of being human is, you’re an ADHD adult, okay, I can live with that”

Dr. Laura Muggli “Do I forgive myself?  I try to.  I still think that I would like to be perfect at a lot of things, a lot of the time”



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