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Socially Immature Kids

Rick talks about the delayed social development in many people with ADHD, which may seem like youthful vitality and energy.


ADHD Expert Rick Green – one of the secondary indicators of ADHD in some children seems to be what doctors have labeled a social retardation or delayed development of socializations. Dr. Jain – ADHD individuals tend to be people that even as children have a certain immaturity. This controversial idea suggests that ADHD leads to a kind of social immaturity. In fact Russell Barclay used to say it’s like the 30% rule if you knock off 30% off their age that’s where they’re working in a social context. Johnny’s 10 years old he’s got friends more like a six-year-old. Of course that immaturity really becomes a problem when you get hit adolescence because your brain may be smart but you may have social awkwardness. and personally yeah I would say to these experts thatActually all of my friends were younger than me. Actually about three years. I was a mentor I was a I was a role model for thee I was a…

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