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Untreated ADHD

Here is why you should worry about adult ADHD. These are the reasons you want to get your adult ADD handled. This is why you want to take it seriously. If you don’t know what’s going on, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can wreak havoc with every area of life.


Undiagnosed ADHD Ruins Lives


Patrick McKenna – What are some of the costs of ADD?

Consequences of Untreated ADHD in Adults

[Dr. Umesh Jain] ADHD is a highly impairing disorder.
[Dr. Edward Hallowell] Without a proper diagnosis ADD can ruin your life. Non treatment leads to all kinds of problems.
[Dr. Steven Kurtz] It leaves you at greater risk to not get along with others it leaves your greater risk not to complete school.
[Dr. Lenard Adler] In untreated ADHD there’s some evidence that antisocial behaviors are somewhat higher.
[Dr. Kurtz] It leaves you at greater risk to have the same job as me and get paid ten thousand dollars a year less.
[Dr. Jain] It increases the risk of accidents.
[Dr. Kurtz] Driving accidents, it leaves you a greater risk to have a motor vehicle violation.

Gambling and ADHD

[Dr. Adler] We do know that rates of pathological gambling in untreated adults with ADHD are higher. Does it lead to other medical
[Dr. Annick Vincent] As an adult you have an increased risk again of depression anxiety.
[Dr. Jain] Increases the risk of substance abuse. You’re more likely to seek out drugs let’s be clear about that.
[Dr. Hallowell] You can end up in jail you can end up dead you can end up drugs you can end up an addict
[Dr. Vincent] High sensation-seeking behavior and that will increase also the sexual transmitted disease, the early pregnancy.
[Patrick McKenna] What are the extremes?

Impact of ADHD

[Dr. Vincent] One that has ADHD is highly impulsive, depression is associated with a higher suicide risk and if you’re impulsive that increases the risk for suicide also.
[Dr. Laura Muggli] The most debilitating obviously would be the people who are in prison.
[Dr. Hallowell] The prisons are full of people with undiagnosed untreated ADD. It can ruin your family, ruin your marriage, ruin your childhood, absolutely cause chaos.
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