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Can Too Much Information be a Bad Thing?

The ADHD mind has enough trouble paying attention as it is. What are electronics, the web, games, social media, and endless streams of information doing to our brains? In my own experience, it’s definitely had an effect.  Here’s what I’ve done about it.

Environmental ADHD

I feel like my ADHD symptoms are environmentally induced because of all the split second technology and fast-paced culture today. Do you believe that you can have situational ADD?
I think ADD is situational, ADHD is always situational, there’s certain things like blurting out works really well if I’m doing comedy on stage, it doesn’t work so well if I’m at a funeral or giving a eulogy. So sorry… do you believe you can have situational ADD that can be eliminated by lifestyle change? I believe that yeah, I believe the technology is probably doing something. There’s studies I’ve read and they say that it’s rewiring the brain. Even just googling and being on the Internet is rewiring our brains, for the better or the worse, who knows? But I gave up Tetris and removed all of the games from my phone because I found myself dreaming of shapes in my sleep, when I woke up all the pillows were like…
So yeah it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a strong connection. You think negative thoughts long enough you you know you spiral downward, and here’s the thing every time your phone rings you get a little shot of dopamine. That’s why it’s so addictive that’s why we can’t put these things down. Adults I know are now addicted to this. I should probably check, after. Can it be eliminated by lifestyle change? Yes. We have a video on mindful meditation you can do it anywhere it’s been proven to help with ADHD and brain scans have shown that there is a difference within a few months. The brain is it’s more, it’s not as, it’s less, it’s more focused.
Another thing exercise, hugely recommended, and yoga. I definitely think you could turn off the television, turn off the computer, start reading books again. That’s what I did. I actually stopped reading books and I started again and it was difficult to sit there and read and not want to get up and do something else and check something else.
Anyway that’s just my opinion but I cannot imagine that constantly checking your phone and constantly fidgeting and changing channels and surfing and and having a thousand things going on. I finally realized I’m in charge of my environment and I started switching things off, doing less, I’m still on the internet because of TotallyADD.com but generally I’m trying to read books now and I’m finding I actually have slightly lost the ability to sit and read a book. Which kind of scared me and its motivated me to read again.
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