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Is ADHD a Vast Pharma Conspiracy?

Some websites have amazing conspiracy theories that explain how big pharmaceutical companies control everything. Everything?

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Rick Green – Some ADD / ADHD websites have amazing conspiracy theories that explain how big pharmaceutical companies control everything.
I have my own theory, my theory is that anyone who believes that anyone can control everything watches too many James Bond movies. Especially the old ones from the 60s and 70s like You Only Live Twice. Great film, the villain Ernst Stavro Blowfeld builds rockets inside a hollow volcano and then has an army of guys sworn to protect it.
They’re all wearing white and they’re prepared to die. I’m sorry where did Blofeld get all these guys? I mean don’t these soldiers of fortune ever have to write home, you know? Hi mom I’m helping a crazy megalomaniac achieve his scheme to destroy the world, don’t tell anyone, and I’m getting paid so much money I would gladly get shot or blown up in a spectacular way to help Mr. Blofeld because I get a 2% share on the backend, signed your son Ronald.
I mean think about it, you can’t get most people to work on long weekends let alone join in some vast conspiracy where they might get killed. People who believe in vast government conspiracies or vast multinational conspiracies should actually get a job with a government or a multinational.
I mean they can’t get people to agree on not taking sick days and vacation together, let alone join a vast conspiracy, well I guess you could call that a vast conspiracy cheating on your sick days.
Yes I know there are ruthless villains out there in comics and and movies and cartoons, and in real life bad stuff, well actually it’s mostly done by good people who are just struggling to make a buck, or get fame, gain some respect or get laid.
Now pharmaceutical companies are not Saints, I know that, but the idea that they can control or suppress scientific studies done by thousands of researchers at hundreds of universities, somehow they could buy out all these people year after year after year, any one of whom could sell their story to the news networks or TV or a tabloid, not to mention all the investigative journalists, the health reporters and their editors and the camera crews.
I mean come on if the pharmaceutical companies can afford to pay off all these already well paid professionals why can’t they pay off a few conspiracy nut bars on the internet? Wait a minute maybe they actually fund those people, maybe the nut bars are actually pharmaceutical company plants spewing craziness so that people like me will go, well that’s crazy, I’ve actually dismissed this is like that movie Conspiracy Theory. Mel Gibson was right!
You know how hard a cover-up is? I mean Bill Clinton couldn’t keep it a secret that he’d um, shared a cigar with Monica Lewinsky and that happened in a closet, two people involved, the most secure building in the world the White House.
Stains on the sweater almost brought down the presidency. Who needs a hollow volcano armed with guys in white? I mean if you’re a big pharmaceutical company and you have to spend millions, tens of millions, kind of billions even to suppress the truth about your Medicaid there must be an easier way to make money right?
The people behind Google and eBay they’re making a ton of money and they’re not actually manufacturing anything, well okay they’re
producing reams of information about you to sell to advertisers.
Yes big companies often do shady things or individuals who work at those big companies often do shady things, but vast conspiracies? By the way if there is a vast conspiracy out there going on with the pharmaceutical companies then Mr. Blofeld I will keep my mouth shut but I want to be paid, I want to be paid enough to pay off my mortgage and pay off my kids student loans and seasons tickets
to the Toronto Maple Leaf games.
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