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Hyperfocus and The ADHD Brain

One of the most common reasons people dismiss the possibility of adult ADHD is that the person can focus. But only when it’s something that interests them. Of course, what me mean by interest is lots of brain activity. It’s easy to do something when your brain is firing on all cylinders. When you have enough neuro-transmitters. The challenge is to wake the brain up. Video games do that. But so does driving too fast, getting into a fight, having an affair, gambling, or any number of other behaviours.


Why Do I Hyperfocus?

I thought I knew a lot about my attention deficit hyperactivity disorder but when we were making the film ADD & Loving It?! I was surprised to learn a number of things partly because there’s so much to learn and they’re always discovering new things and partly because I’m fairly forgetful apparently forgetful is a common thing for people who have um…
One of the surprising things we heard again and again was hyper focusing sounds like one of the x-men I’m hyper-focus ADD and ADHD is not just about being inattentive and easily distracted by thinking of ice cream which actually the place near us has great ice cream it’s about uneven attention none then lots too much and no control over when you have lots or none sometimes it’s la-dee-da that ice cream down at the dairy cream that’s a good place dairy cream the guy’s name is Aldo it reminds you that there was a singer who’s that Canadian singer Aldo something. Now my wife actually she prefers the chocolate she gets the kitty cone size which…
and sometimes it’s about being so focused that you lose track of time and don’t realize that five hours of past and now you’re starving and you got a pee and your bladder so full if you don’t get to a bathroom quickly you’re going to burst. Doctors call it hyper focusing artists call it flow athletes call it being in the zone I call it Ricky remember to breathe.  Adults with ADD will tell their doctor or any doctor because hey we talk a lot sometimes I can focus like no one I know and their spouses will say oh yeah oh yeah she can focus when she wants to her he could focus when he wants to.
Author Kate Kelly put it this way ‘the problem with ADD is not so much I can never focus or I have a butterfly mind there there are many aspects to it it is difficulty with focusing you know with getting on to something difficulty was shifting and that’s you know I’m on to something I need to shift gears here and go over there.’
She can focus when she wants to well sort of and not really he or she may be able to focus but not always when they want to and not necessarily on the right thing. She managed to sit there and hook a rug, the entire rug in 89 hours straight during which her three cats died of starvation which is why an adult with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can sit down at his or her desk to write up an urgent report and five hours later look up and said look I have the Photoshop picture for our Christmas card all done and we’re months ahead of time once I’m at report what oh shoot Oh.
Lots of people have told us that ADD is like having the TV channels constantly changing and someone else has the remote but then sometimes you can sit and you can focus on one channel for 10 hours straight and the problem is that you’ve then missed the program you wanted to see your daughter was going to be on the news her school play was going to be shown and you’ve missed it and unfortunately your life doesn’t come with a VCR or a PVR just a lot of IOU;s and oops and PO’d and damn
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