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Holiday Shopping and ADHD

Comedian Rick Green explains that a situation that causes you stress could actually be turned into a way to release stress and get healthier…

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So it’s holiday times and the malls are jammed and you’re really stressed and you’re feeling this urgent pressure to keep going, to get moving because well, because you have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder of the combined subtype, which includes the restlessness and the impulsivity.
Or perhaps there (yells) ya go go, or perhaps it’s just before Christmas and you suddenly realize there’s people that you’ve missed and stuff you don’t have in the house and decorations you are forgetting to put up and that’s because well you have ADD of the predominantly inattentive subtype.
Whatever your subtype is I want to give you a suggestion for dealing with holiday pressure, a suggestion of the helpful subtype. When you’re driving around you’re gonna run into a lot of other driv.. don’t run into a lot either actually.
But you’re gonna come across a lot of different bad drivers of the stupid oblivious subtype. I would say that because they can’t hear me and to
be fair when I’ve been driving around the round like this trying to find a parking space I’ve actually made a few bonehead mistakes.
Anyway to reduce stress I have a suggestion of the helpful subtype.  When you arrive at the mall don’t do what everyone else is doing and what I’m doing right now is circling round and round and round trying to find a parking space near the mall.
I mean you know what happens, people come out of the mall and you start stalking, you start following them waiting for them to get to their car and then there’s two things that can happen, one they live in the neighborhood and they didn’t drive and you’re driving to their house or they get to their car throw all the stuff they got in and go back in to buy more and you’ve just wasted time.
oh god I have ADHD I can’t afford to waste a second of time it drives me crazy wasting time Oh!
Think about this how fast are you actually driving.  Walking speed! Can you see there’s no time-saving.  Unless you’ve lost a limb to a threshing
machine you can walk, right, or unless you’re one of the what one percent of North Americans were actually in shape and don’t need the exercise
you should probably walk.
What about the time? I’d rather circle for 15 minutes trying to find a space to save me the 30 seconds of walking. Again can you see not a lot of sense behind that we’re not saving time by stalking departing consumers to get a parking space closer to the mall, you’re wasting gas, you’re raising your blood pressure and you’re getting on each other’s nerves.  Yes Yes I see thank you.
So hint don’t spend all day going around and around to save 30 seconds or 50 seconds or even God forbid a minute and a half walking to the mall.
Park and walk get the exercise.  That way you can give up that gym membership that you never use anyway take that money with just saved and you can use it that money to fly south for the holidays and avoid all this!
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