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Is ADHD Made Up?

In this rant Rick Green takes on the idea that ADHD is ‘all made up’.
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder isn’t real.
When I was young there was no such thing yabba-dabba-do and there was no internet or a black president so those aren’t real either. ADHD was invented by psychiatrists. Now we all know it’s name they made up but something they made up in 1975. There was no such thing until 1975 when they made it up.
Rick Green – that’s what the skeptics say and you know what it’s true. ADHD is not real attention deficit hyperactivity disorder was made on not like say this rock, this was a rock before 1975, this rock isn’t something anyone made up, the rock is real. The name Rock yes that’s something we made up someone made that up the Germans made up a different name Stein the Spanish made up the name Piedra the Japanese made up ichi.
The name was made up just as a group of doctors well ok psychiatrists made up the name attention deficit hyperactivity disorder you know looking at the patients who were struggling they compiled a list of 18 symptoms that people complained about. But just because someone made up the name doesn’t mean that it’s not a real syndrome. Someone made up the name table and lamp and backhoe and democracy.
Everything’s made up including every diagnosis I mean doctors made up the diagnosis hemorrhoids ask the person who has the hemorrhoids if they’re real and they’ll go oh yes they are don’t ask them to show you to prove it. Like I could make up a term to describe some of the people I’ve met like smog know-it-alls who dismissed other people suffering because they can’t be bothered to understand it and are incapable of sympathy empathy or understanding. See I made that name up in German it would be…
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