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Is Ritalin The Same as Meth?

Ritalin aka methylphenidate has some people worried that Ritalin is really meth.

In this video Rick Green answers the question “Is Ritalin Crystal Meth?”

Warning: Contains science & facts

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Hi I’m Rick green from TotallyADD.com. If you’ve poked around our website you know that there are lots of videos there are always great comments and now and then there’s a kind of a Lulu. Mostly people respond to them but now and then one kind of sets me off and this one did.
This is for a video where three of the experts of the 60 or 70 ADHD experts who are on the site, who’ve given their time and their knowledge and their experience with thousands of patients tens of thousands of patients to share and this person wrote “I would love to see any of these three doctors repeat what they just said to an older pharmacist I ran across a decade and a half ago”.
Alarm bells went off that couldn’t happen ago ADHD was not that well understood back then the genetic stuff had not anyway “would they get an earful. He started in on parents being so stupid as to give their kids Ritalin which he made clear as a form of meth and then wonder why their kid grows up to be a drug addict.
He went on and on about it he was so mad about the whole drugging of these kids with these stimulants known to induce seizure activity and of course bipolar whenever I speak to kids in school they asked about Ritalin I tell them the chemical name of the drug is methylphenidate” Wow she got that right. “and I asked so what is it and they always shout out meth” in other words crystal might like the crystal meant of the meth that the drug meth “and I tell them they are correct and to go home and tell their parents because most parents have not yet figured that out or maybe the parents did some research and talked to the doctor looks like the kids better go educate those three doctors”.
Yeah yeah that’d be great eight year olds lecturing ADHD specialists who’ve dealt with tens of thousands of people. The issue that I have with her is that she’s saying that Ritalin is meth. It has the word methane and methylphenidate meth means one carbon atom – is ethyl 3 is propyl I have a degree in science so I know. I studied this at university to tell people that meth and Ritalin are the same thing they’re not the molecules are different and anything that has one carbon atom has net is the name meth for example methyl salicylate cement fall cream for minor aches and pains caused by arthritis strains sprains and bruises and then there’s methyl aquiline which is used to test for asthma those of you with asthma will be happy about that meth Malzone mallas Olli inhibits the production of the thyroid hormone not really sold on the street but it has meth in it methyl cloudy say it’s a diuretic that’s what makes you pee which is good if you have fluid retention or if you’re going to a big frat party don’t do that.
Methyl nominee is a urinary antiseptic it kills bacteria in the urine good for it because who wants that job methyl hexxit all used to put you under before you go under surgery always a good idea highly recommend going under especially if it’s a vasectomy what this does is improve muscle tone and strength and timing for uterine contractions which I think I’m having right now just thinking about it that’s more for women for men.
There’s metho testosterone it’s a synthetic androgen it’s a steroid develops and maintains the primary and secondary male sex characteristics I’ve never had any help I had to develop my own sex characteristics um what are secondary sex characteristics. I may have missed something it’s a vitamin for people who need higher levels of folate used for treating cancer of the breast skin head neck lungs also used to treat severe psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis. I’m reading these on the back another supplement for folate for muscle sprain from spasms and strains hey kids what’s methyl scopolamine it’s meth yeah you’re drug dealers are selling you drugs for your peptic ulcers this one is for breast cancer again for severe psoriasis the 90 epileptic medication actually stops seizures anticonvulsant this woman was claiming that anyway.
Here’s one that’s really scared look at this chemical may this is the format and it’s got methyl in it twice and kids are getting this parents are giving this to kids. It’s called starch this is the starch molecule. The chemical name if you gave your kids potatoes. try methyl so this got three times as much and what this is he whoo kids see who’s got B this is actually a stimulant this is a stimulant that people will take this is the most widely abuse drug it’s actually caffeine in coffee. So Starbucks is selling this on the street corners and kids are hitting it in Coke I’ll never give my child a stimulant here ever he’s much better with a coke can actually fall asleep by the way if you know any Methodists don’t buy anything off them don’t take any of the little wafers they give you are actually clearly this woman is avoiding meth because she’s not being methodical for example reading studies.
oops I realized I never actually explained the difference so the methylphenidate Slyke in red illan they’re not amphetamines at all they’re not related to methamphetamine the street drug it’s a totally different chemical structure so concerta medidate CD ritalin la methylphenidate Ritalin tablets they do not contain any amphetamines zilch nada never have. there are prescription amphetamines for ADHD adderall vyvanse Dex oo amphetamine there Dexter I forgot what it’s called but there’s no meth Street drug in them so methamphetamine the street drug is not the same as any prescription medication for ADHD the chemical properties are on the way it acts on the brain very different it’s like ethanol alcohol you drink a glass of wine maybe you end up with a hangover methanol say wood alcohol you drink and you won’t have a hangover because you’ll be dead.
Very different structures and the street drug methamphetamine dumps a huge amount of dopamine into the reward center of the brain but it also burns out the person’s dopamine production so the regular prescription amphetamines used as intended work on the specific areas involved with ADHD and do not put excessive amounts of dopamine into the reward center and in dosages that are too high they actually cause unpleasant side effects not euphoria or super good feelings so for someone who truly has ADHD it’s almost impossible to become addicted because there’s no rush to chase the more you take if you have ADHD the worse you feel. so this brings us to methinks methinks is a Shakespearian term as in the thinks the lady doth protest too much and in this case I think the lady does a whole bunch of stuff too much.
What I would suggest is that she do some reading and some research because just because it does meth in it ah sorry it’s that’s how upset I got i would recommend she try methyl cellulose this is a high-fiber product it’s used to treat constipation I think you could use it because clearly you’re full of don’t worry I’ll bleep that out Oh bleep it out you know wow there’s not even anyone there this one’s scary deoxy ribose nucleic nuclear like who wants nuclear so an acid that just burns through there this is this is and kids have this now there’s this is they’re finding this showing up in kids today the street name is DNA and my day we didn’t have DNA we just got hit in the ear and we started up you.
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