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Does Everyone Have ADD?

The symptoms of ADHD are issues everyone struggles with, but for the person with Attention Deficit Disorder, the problems and the struggles are ongoing and extreme not just sometimes.  You know people say that everyone’s ADD some of the time and that’s true and everyone’s paranoid some of the time, and if you’ve ever seen a teenager interact with his friends and then his parents you know that everyone could be schizophrenic at some point too. But that’s not what we’re talking about.

Everyone has bad days, everyone forgets things.

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Dr. Laura Muggli Not on a consistent basis and not to the point where it interferes with your ability to get things done which it does for people with ADHD.

Dr. Steven Kurtz So for example in a good 3rd grade math lesson, kids without ADHD a paying attention about 80% of the time. Kids with ADHD of paying attention about 50% of the time if you were to carefully observe behaviour. So there’s the sense that you’re just not trying hard enough.
Patrick McKenna Particularly before there was a label before it I found there’s people dismissive that there might be something that I needed some kind of structure that I needed that it was just behavioural choices I was making as a child.
[Dr. Kurtz] So there’s the sense that you’re just not trying hard enough your behaviour is too close to mine and therefore you’re responsible for it and in fact I’m annoyed because your behaviour is draining the teachers attention so that you’re not paying attention to me or to my kid and I think that’s where some of the prejudices come from around behavioural and emotional disorders or diagnosis.
[Kate Kelly] People ask all the time “you know I I forget things I lose things doesn’t everybody have ADHD?” and the answer is well sort of kinda. It’s a human experience we all can you know being attentive at times and impulsive but the people that diagnose are on the tail ends of the bell curve, very extreme, and it’s like how often do you lose your keys? how often do you forget things? that’s the question to ask.
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