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Procrastination and Boredom

Have you ever thought about procrastinating?  Of course you have!  but why do you procrastinate?  Why do we get so bored?

Why Do I Procrastinate So Bad?

It’s time to talk about procrastination. [SCREAM] Finally. Procrastination is huge for adults with ADHD but what drives it? For example what triggers my procrastination? I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about that this summer. Why do I jump into things and then resist other things, resist doing them even though they’re way more important they may actually earn me money?

Why do We Get Bored?

I’ve realized that one of the biggest reasons I procrastinate on a task to the point where it never actually happens, is that it’s boring as in [SCREAMS BORING] that’s how adults with ADHD  view things. So I need to do something but I think it’s boring. Notice I said I think it’s boring not that it is. For example I used to think that cooking was boring. I didn’t know much about it and it just looked like we’re following a recipe and a set of instructions, and I’m not good with instructions, and I get impatient.
Let’s do something! In the past before I knew I had adult ADHD I’d start assembling the lawnmower without reading the instructions. I’d end up doing it wrong and have to take it apart and spend twice as long to finish it and end up building a go-kart that didn’t work and actually ate the dog, rather than spend a few minutes looking at the instructions. We keep playing the same board games when the kids come over because learning the new rule so that’s gonna take 8 minutes so I’m gonna have to listen for…

Overcoming Boredom

Things change for me when I realize that perhaps it isn’t boring it’s just that I say it’s boring. I could sit and do something on my model railroad, it’ll take hours something that would make you want to rip your own ears off to avoid having to do. I’m there I’m enthralled, in fact I’m so enthralled you could rip my ears off and I wouldn’t notice. Please don’t, I’m just, it’s theoretical. So boring is subjective. For example in the past I’d rather assemble that lawnmower than cook a meal because I believe the lawnmower will be here for years whereas preparing this meal well by this time tomorrow it’s gonna be… part of the city’s sewage system. Sorry.
So one reason I procrastinate is that I think it’s bore… I think it’s boring, and one way to overcome that thinking is to take a moment and think about what might interesting about it. Like with cooking. I finally noticed that there are smart funny people who love to cook, my wife included. There are people make careers as chefs and love it! There must be something interesting about it, I just never figured it out because I never did any, but once I started doing some cooking discovering that it was actually chemistry with fire and stuff. I was interested.
There are other reasons I procrastinate a big one is it’s overwhelming, overwhelming, or rather I think it’s overwhelming. I’ll explain what I mean in another video
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