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Best ADHD Comedy

All the things someone with ADHD would never say! A parody of “Sh*t nobody says”

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Anyway to make a long story short.
Finished! Wow, everything’s done on my list.
Hey! Sorry I showed up early, I’ll just wait until you’re ready.
Enough about me, what about you?
Okay, I made a short to-do list with a manageable amount of stuff on it.
If you don’t think ADHD is real that’s okay. It doesn’t bother me.
I wish tv had more commercials.
Oh boy! Paperwork!
I’m sorry, I’m out of fresh ideas, lets just do it the way everyone else does it.
If I do all my homework now, I’ll have the rest of the weekend free.
Let’s just read the instructions, it’ll make things way easier.
I like to drive right at the speed limit.
I’m ahead of schedule.
I should think about this first.
(laughter) What a great story, I don’t have one to top it, that’s for sure.
Marijuana, take it or leave it.
Caffeine, take it or leave it.
Smoking, take it or leave it.
My family showed support, right from the beginning.
It’s a good thing I remembered my phone, keys and wallet.
The minute something arrives on my desk, I handle it instantly.
I usually play video games for 10 minutes a day. Just 10 minutes, then I stop.
No that’s fine, keep saying what you were saying, I’ll remember what I need to add in later.
Hold on, couldn’t someone get hurt? Count me out!
You talk, I’ll listen.
That was a great power point presentation you did today.
(Laughs) Me? No, I’ve never been in an accident.
I’m feeling pretty calm right now.
I’m just going to finish this before I start anything new.
I guess I’m rich because I stuck to a simple plan, I took good advice, I trusted it, and I kept on top of my investments.
Balance, a balanced lifestyle, that’s my secret.
I better give myself plenty of time, in case there’s problems along the way.
Here, you better give it to me to proofread and check for typos.
No, I understand completely.
Why do I always have to be the responsible one?
Finally, I can relax.
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