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Rick talks about looking ahead…

… planning your year…
… setting clear goals…
… making big promises…

… and why this never works for the ADHD mindset.

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Rick Green – so we’re talking about how adults with folks can be super motivated if we’re interested and then feel brain-dead if something looks boring. In part one I revealed how I would always print off these really cool strategic planners every year and then never use them.

Why Planners Don’t Work

Not doing that anymore but Rick shouldn’t you try and figure out why that planner didn’t work learn from your mistakes try adjusting things try tweaking it? It wouldn’t helped if I was twerking it let alone tweaking it and I did tweak it oh I changed the colors change the font every year I tried different things new graphics in there, which actually was a lot of fun and very interesting to do all that but then actually following up actually filling it out making it part of my routine? yeah not so much. I am done with those that feels good.
This year I’m going with a much better list as in a shorter list here’s how it works you write down everything you could possibly do and then you check off the things that really actually excite you. As much as possible you focus on those you do what interests you now don’t be irresponsible but explore what interests you. Now there’s a ton of daily life stuff the routine stuff you have to do that stuff and if something is crucial and has to be done but doesn’t excite you can you get someone else to do it? God bless our accountants Peter and Gabriel.
If you don’t have money to hire people you trade services you do my accounting and I’ll bake you five huge lasagnas or I’ll build your kid a model railroad or I’ll dog sit your Great Dane yes I know it’s incontinent but I’m being audited so it should work out about even. Here’s the miraculous part if there are things that need doing but they’re not interesting to you can you make them interesting. Interestingly enough you can how first try learning about it almost everything becomes more interesting as you know more about it oh and learn from someone who’s actually interested in it so many ADHD adults have told me if my teacher was passionate I got interested I got A’s. If the teacher was bored I was bored.

Make Chores Fun

The second way to make a chore more interesting turn it into a game. You see everybody loves games race the clock race each other keep score whatever it is. What about those things where you like doing some aspects of it but hate other aspects of it? Try running a website for example. In that case can you get someone else to do the stuff that you don’t like doing so you can focus on the stuff you do like doing? For example my mother-in-law loves knitting the squares for quilts but assembling all of the squares into the big quilt she can’t do it she hates it frustrating.
Guess what? she found another lady who likes to do that and guess what she does… that. I believe they call that win-win-win-win-win actually because we get a great finished quilt.
So the key to getting motivated is to ask is it interesting? and by interesting I don’t mean complicated or stressful I needed it wakes up your brain Thunder Birds our golden – good work factor hyper focus I can’t wait I don’t want to stop. Oh and just as everybody’s ADHD is very individual so are everybody’s interests what interests you? It could be something weird that only a few people like like cooking or singing or it could be something that everyone enjoys like model railroading. What? and if a job is not interesting enough you can make it more interesting which to me is interesting.
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