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Annoying People

The Internet is amazing. One minute you can be contributing to a forum on third world farming and the next minute you can be…

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The Internet is amazing. One minute you can be contributing to a forum on third world farming and the next minute you can be downloading a million Jay Pegs of large breasts. Uh, I’ve never actually done that, but I know people who have and uh, they said, that… it’s incredible, I mean what’s new in third world farming is fascinating. Sustainable agriculture…

There’s only two things I dislike about the internet. The people on it, and the things they are saying. Not everyone mind you. The people who have been sharing with us on TotallyADD.com are the salt of the earth. But a lot of people out there act like they are the dirt of the earth. Who are they? Who knows. They have fake names. Spodwonk9. TrebleLucy. BigCoolSexy69. Roy. That’s not his real name. His real name is… Ray.

The problem with online opinions is that they’re anonymous. Now that’s fine if you’re reporting that your boss at the nuclear power plant is dumping radioactive thorium into a local river. But mostly it’s just people saying the first thing that comes to their mind. It’s like Internet littering….God, how I hate littering.

And the flame wars. My God. Appalling. Would you say that to someone in real life. Of course you wouldn’t? Cause they’d know who you are and you’d have to deal with the consequences. You’d have to have the courage of your convictions, Spodwonk9!

It’s why burglars usually strike when no one is home. They figure if they came to take your stuff while you were there it might not go well. And a lot of what’s on the internet is actually criminal.

Here’s my solution. Ban the fake names. No screen names. You should have to put your name up there, your picture, your address, your phone number. Face the consequences. When people have to face the consequences they really, really behave.

Like those trucks on the highway. You know those big semis, on the highway, and they have this sign on the back, “Like my driving? How I am doing?” And there’s a phone number you can call. I’ve noticed, the trucks with those signs, are almost always driving very nicely. I think everyone should have that incentive to behave. Have your name and phone number on your car.

Think people would still cut you off or tailgate if you could tell who they were. Nope. “Don’t like my driving? Here’s my phone number so you can tell me.” Or, “Dislike how I cut you off in heavy traffic and almost causing you to crash and your family to be hurt or killed, come by the house and kick me in the crotch.”

Okay, no, no violence.

So what I’m getting to is this, if someone posts something somewhere and they don’t have to say who they are, well, you can imagine how valid and valuable that information is likely to be. I’m Rick Green.

Hello?…. Yeah? Well, I don’t like your driving either!…

… Who asked you? Mom….

The Information Highway is full of unlicensed drivers, who don’t obey the rules!


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