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Over 80% of adults who are suffering from ADHD, and I mean suffering, have no idea what’s actually going on. They believe they are lazy, dumb, weird, weak-willed, irresponsible, stupid, clumsy, anti-social, unlovable, irresponsible, and worse. What happens when, after decades of wrestling with this invisible saboteur, you suddenly find out it’s not morality, but neurology… You’re not lacking character… You’re lacking a certain Neurotransmitter? Real adults with ADHD share their feelings about being diagnosed!

1 in 24 adults has ADHD and 80% of them have not yet been diagnosed. There are a whole bunch of people who don’t know why life is such a struggle and when they get the diagnosis well getting diagnosed the terror the horro. I recently spoke to a whole bunch of adults who have ADHD who’ve been diagnosed and they share the terror of the ADHD diagnosis. Such a relief. My eyes opened really widely. it was such a relief. I was really actually kind of excited relieved to be diagnosed.
You know it was almost more of a relief. I was so happy to find out. Okay that it’s not all good they’re so bad. So I felt better I felt like a better person that explained a lot of things. Aha that explains a lot. Once I realized once I did the research I was like oh my god this is amazing thank you. All of the stuff that I dealt with when I was a kid started to make sense. Now I started researching it and I’m like wow this is so me. and it felt together but I owned myself annoy there’s absolutely some regret.
[Rick Green] aha regret regret over?
Not finding out sooner. oh I wish I had found out earlie. I wish I had known sooner. I just wish we’d known about it sooner. Why the hell did I not get told this years ago? Because it explains a lot of behaviors that I had shown throughout my life. I thought there was something wrong with me. I wished I’d known when I was young it’s very frustrating. but to live 40 years and not know your ADHD.
I think things could have been different. you know you’re gonna kick yourself for it. but still there’s a it’s you don’t want to know. That was so liberating right it was so it was amazing. If I’d have known I could have changed this scenario for the better. No it’s not there’s something wrong with me it’s just my brains wired a little differently. So learning about ADHD was a huge thing it helped me. oh shut up. and then the more researched it and the more even went to your site it just was amazing.
So I went to the TotallyADD website took the test pass it flying colors. Okay maybe I better check into this a bit more. Okay there is a way around this and this is actually a thing. Oh fine go to our website there’s a test there’s articles there’s videos, but it’s terrifying I tell you terrifying. Feel like my life began in 2002 – 2004 when I learned about it. it was pretty mind-blowing finding out I was so happy and so excited and and glad just because all of a sudden a lot of things made sense to me that never made sense before.
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